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Bluetooth modules add range to marketing

 User application article   Bluetooth technology from Ezurio and 2Ci Events sends clips and competitions to mobile phones using a technique called proximity marketing.

News from Ezurio (21 December 2006)

Bluetooth adapters are ready for Vista

Brainboxes has been working closely with Microsoft for the past 18 months to ensure that when Windows Vista is released customers will be able to seamlessly move over.

News from Brainboxes (19 December 2006)

Director roles for van Brenk and Muns

Hopling Technologies has named Rudger van Brenk Director Research and Bas Muns Director Engineering to strengthen its position as a market-driven R and D centric company.

News from Hopling Technologies (19 December 2006)

Scripting language unites wireless technologies

Software simplifies the integration of wireless technology for M2M communications and allows product designers to switch their product designs from one wireless technology to another with ease.

News from Ezurio (19 December 2006)

Network node designed for large-scale networks

Hopling Technologies has announced fourth generation mesh network software and major hardware innovations across its Xnet portfolio

News from Hopling Technologies