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Receiver and antenna combine for drop-in GPS

RF antenna module integrates a high performance and low power GPS receiver IC with Antenova's high efficiency single ended internally balanced antenna technology

News from Antenova (13 February 2007)

Wireless development kit covers three standards

A new wireless development kit for embedded developers is unique in supporting Bluetooth, 802.11 and GSM/GPRS

News from Ezurio (13 February 2007)

Acquisition expands wireless expertise

Laird Technologies has acquired wireless comms specialist AeroComm for US $38 million

News from Laird Technologies (12 February 2007)

Scotland goes to Barcelona for GSM

Forty Scottish wireless and mobile specialist companies are heading for this year's global gathering for the industry, the 3GSM conference, which opens in Barcelona this week

News from Wireless Innovation (12 February 2007)

Quad-band module enables tracking and tracing

 User application article  Falcom Wireless Communications has selected Telit's GE864 module for its new Mambo II tracking and tracing application

News from Telit Wireless Solutions (9 February 2007)

Wireless M2M specialist is still one to watch

Ezurio has been selected as one of the companies in the UK to watch in the mobile sector for the second year in succession

News from Ezurio (9 February 2007)

Revenue grows in disappointing fourth quarter

Endwave Corp has reported financial results for its fourth quarter and full year ended 31st December 2006

News from Endwave Defense Systems (9 February 2007)

Telematics platforms combine GPRS and satcomms

Open hardware platforms incorporate a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity options making them particularly suited to telematics and M2M applications

News from Prolificx (8 February 2007)

Tiny module embeds PIC MCU with Bluetooth

DIL-packaged PIC-based control module implements Bluetooth communication capabilities directly from the UART pins of the PIC microcontroller

News from Saelig Company (8 February 2007)

Bluetooth module promises worry-free comms

Intelligent Bluetooth module implements a transparent UART-to-Bluetooth interface bridge in master or slave mode, offering a fast wireless solution for embedded applications

News from Saelig Company (8 February 2007)

Wireless LAN adapter has industrial specifications

WLAN serial port adapter is ideal for portable industrial devices and is designed for straightforward wireless upgrade

News from connectBlue (8 February 2007)

Module combines four receivers in one

Receiver module is the first to integrate a Wi-Fi, DAB and FM front-end together with an onboard Wi-Fi antenna

News from Frontier Silicon (8 February 2007)

LNB covers full spectrum of satellite broadcasting

Low-noise block gives Sharp a complete lineup of satellite receiver components, from small systems for single-family houses to modules for satellite systems supplying entire blocks of flats

News from Sharp Microelectronics Europe (6 February 2007)

Narrowband modules cover European ISM frequencies

Industrial radio transmitter and receiver use narrowband FSK for industrial applications where high performance and reliability are required

News from Circuit Design (2 February 2007)

Bluetooth modules offer enhanced datarates

General-purpose embedded Bluetooth modules are fully compliant with the Bluetooth v2.0+EDR standard

News from Free2move (2 February 2007)

868MHz transceiver boosts power for range

The BiM3B radio transceiver module is an enhanced higher power replacement for the already established BiM3A-869-64

News from Radiometrix (26 January 2007)

Amplifiers come with customised filtering

NuWaves Engineering has added a custom filter amplifier to its growing line of amplifiers and other RF products

News from NuWaves (23 January 2007)

Amplifier shrinks to one-eighth the size

The uHilna amplifier with its micro size and light weight is ideal for system integrators where footprint size is a determining factor

News from NuWaves (23 January 2007)

Custom filter amplifier has miniature outline

NuWaves has added a micro custom filter amplifier to its growing line of RF products

News from NuWaves (23 January 2007)

Customised module to drive Chinese set-top boxes

Comtech Group has signed an agreement to supply a new customised module design solution to a leading digital and IPTV set-top box (STB) OEM in China

News from Comtech (22 January 2007)

Wireless system cuts lighting costs

 User application article  EchoFlex Solutions uses the EnOcean wireless system in its energy-saving lighting control systems

News from EnOcean (19 January 2007)

Reference kits to speed WiMAX adoption

Fujitsu and Hopling Technologies are set to ship their jointly produced Linux-based WiMAX baseband system-on-chip reference kits to ODM customers

News from Hopling Technologies (18 January 2007)

MIMO prototyping makes sense of many antennas

Hardware-in-the-loop prototyping system enables system designers to transmit data over the air directly from a simulation environment such as Matlab

News from Signalion (18 January 2007)

Socket modems offer a choice of media

As part of its continuing expansion into the embedded applications market, Anglia has won a franchise to distribute a novel range of socket modems from Multitech

News from Anglia (17 January 2007)

3GSM demos to highlight new uses of M2M

International M2M specialist Telit Communications will unveil a series of innovative products at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona in February 2007

News from Telit Wireless Solutions (15 January 2007)

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