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GPS module finds home in smart antenna

 User application article   Leading European mail-order electronics supplier Conrad has developed a GPS smart antenna based on the u-blox SuperSense LEA-4H flagship module

News from u-blox (13 February 2006)

Acquisition expands smart card capabilities

Zetes Industries has acquired the Cards Division of the Belgian company Idoc, which specialises in the production of secured identity documents.

News from Zetes ( 9 February 2006)

I/Q phase detector claims top accuracy

The Model IQM8510L18R is an ultra-accurate I/Q phase detector operating in the 8.5 to 10GHz band.

News from Miteq ( 9 February 2006)

GPS receivers gain assistance

Assisted GPS services supply instant location information, reducing GPS receivers' time to first fix to just a few seconds.

News from u-blox ( 6 February 2006)

Embedded gateway aids mobile system development

The Vector 300FM is a versatile, small, low cost, embedded gateway designed to take the pain out of developing and deploying mobile solutions.

News from Prolificx ( 2 February 2006)