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Order for GSM desktop phones totals US$4 million

CSI Wireless has announced US$4 million of purchase orders for its desktop cellular telephones

News from Hemisphere GPS (28 November 2005)

Radio modules strike up the new European band

A new range of radio modules is designed for operation in a new pan-European frequency band that spans 169.4 to 169.8MHz

News from MK Consultants (22 November 2005)

Intel Capital takes a stake

Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investment programme, has invested in iBiquity Digital Corporation

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (22 November 2005)

Quad-band module targets M2M communications

Wavecom's Quik Q2686 is billed as the industry's most compact quad-band GSM/GPRS module

News from Acal Semiconductors (17 November 2005)

RFID tags don rugged polycarbonate packaging

Tectus has introduced LF and HF RFID tags in rugged polycarbonate packaging instead of mechanically weaker smart labels

News from Tectus Transponder Technology (17 November 2005)

Datacard platform boosts 3GPP datarates

The Adaptive Wireless HSDPA Datacard Platform will enable cellular datacard vendors to be first to market with next generation 3GPP Release 5 multimode HSDPA products

News from Icera Semiconductor (16 November 2005)

Remote control device acts on SMS commands

A flexible and versatile remote control device is now available from Idec. The device, which includes a modem for data connection, is also able to execute commands which have been received via SMS  Brochure available  

News from Idec Electronics (14 November 2005)

Tuners for terrestrial broadcasting are compact

Alps has developed the industry's smallest series of tuner units for digital terrestrial broadcasting. The newly developed TDQ Series also can be used as an analogue broadcasting receiver

News from Alps Electric (UK) (11 November 2005)

Door and window contact sensor uses solar power

EnOcean is introducing the STM250 solar-powered, radio frequency (RF) magnet-contact sensor

News from EnOcean (9 November 2005)

Wireless modem firm ranks with the best

MaxStream has garnered more local recognition for its increasing growth and business savvy after gaining a prominent 12th place in the Mountain West Capital Network's 2005 UTAH 100 annual ranking

News from MaxStream (7 November 2005)

Receiver technology improves GPS system's accuracy

Hemisphere GPS, a designer and manufacturer of GPS products used in more than 50 countries, has announced the latest addition to its Outback family of products for agricultural guidance

News from Hemisphere GPS (4 November 2005)

Bar-code scanning is added to mobile devices

Baracoda, a French manufacturer of Bluetooth bar-code scanners for the automatic identification sector, has launched Baracoda RoadRunners

News from Baracoda (3 November 2005)

Vector GPS aids sailors in Volvo Ocean Race

 User application article  Hemisphere GPS is supplying Vector heading systems to three of the seven sailboats competing in the Volvo Ocean Race - a seven-month, globe-circling odyssey involving some of the world's best sailors

News from Hemisphere GPS (3 November 2005)

GPRS connectivity made simple

Amplicon has a new range of wireless cellular products it reckons makes GPRS connectivity simple and accessible to all

News from Amplicon (28 October 2005)

Wireless sensors look down in the mouth

 User application article  A wireless, battery-less sensing technology originally developed for obtaining data from inside Formula 1 engines is having a profound effect on dental research into cariogenicity

News from Instrumentel (27 October 2005)

MaxStream makes fast-growth list

Inc magazine has released its 24th annual 500 ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA, and industrial wireless technology company MaxStream ranks 92nd on the list

News from MaxStream (24 October 2005)

Radio modems boast up to 3km range

A new range of radio modems allow communications along serial links without the need for a licence for through-the-air distances of up to 3km, or in some cases, further  Brochure available  

News from Celsum Technologies (17 October 2005)

Chinese OEMs commit to HD radio

IBiquity Digital has licensed four new manufacturers to develop HD radio modules and receivers

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (14 October 2005)

Kit speeds dual-band modem development

MRC Components has a developer's kit for the g20 dual-band GSM transceiver - Motorola's successful family of embedded cellular products

News from MRC Components (13 October 2005)

DAB module extends battery life

The new Venice 4.0 FS2024 DAB/FM/RDS module enables battery powered radios to operate in DAB mode for over 100 hours using standard alkaline batteries

News from Frontier Silicon (13 October 2005)

Spread spectrum transceivers go further

Aerocomm has added a long range mode to its family of 900MHz spread spectrum transceivers

News from Aerocomm (13 October 2005)

RFID unit connects up to four antennas

Omron is releasing an RFID reader/writer which is compatible with UHF frequency bands  Brochure available  

News from Omron Corp (13 October 2005)

Small claims for GSM socket modem

Altec Electronic has released a device it reckons is the smallest GSM socket modem worldwide with a compact size of 64.5 x 26.5mm

News from MRC Components (10 October 2005)

CompactFlash Bluetooth card goes mobile

New software enables the award-winning BL-565 CompactFlash Bluetooth card to be used in Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system

News from Brainboxes (10 October 2005)

New uses planned for WirelessUSB modules

Following its appointment as sole distributor for UK and Ireland, UR Group now supplies Unigen's WirelessUSB modules. It is planning to target the products at new applications areas

News from Ultimate Renaissance (5 October 2005)

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