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M2M gateway combines the best of wireless

The B-Box is a novel GSM/GPRS/GPS and Bluetooth wireless gateway developed by Baracoda based on Wavecom technology.

News from Baracoda (14 March 2005)

GSM modules upgrade M2M communications

Alpha Micro Components now offers Sagem's next-generation MO200 and MO200A range of GSM/GPRS modem modules for the machine-to-machine communications market.

News from Alpha Micro Components (11 March 2005)

Cellular and GPS come together on PC/104 board

The PCM-GPS is a PC/104 module that adds both GPS and cell modem support on a single card.

News from Winsystems (10 March 2005)

DAB module gives Sony easy entry to after market

 User application article   Sony Corp has chosen RadioScape's RS350A DAB module design as the basis for its upcoming automotive DAB radios.

News from RadioScape (10 March 2005)

Speedy route to GSM for M2M

The WL-2 GSM pod is designed for quick and easy integration into products and assets such as security panels, control appliances and plant equipment.

News from WatchLink GSM ( 8 March 2005)

Compact modules embed GSM for M2M com