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Saab signs for receiver technology

CSI Wireless has signed an agreement with Saab TransponderTech and begun integrating some of its technology into Saab's Automatic Identification System (AIS) product line

News from Hemisphere GPS (3 March 2005)

Clock module checks the real time by radio

Nagano Oki Electric has developed a real-time clock module that incorporates a novel automatic time adjustment function

News from Oki Electric (2 March 2005)

Remote control - without batteries

British company Instrumentel has developed a revolutionary communications technology that enables two-way command and control for batteryless remote sensing and actuation

News from Instrumentel (1 March 2005)

Rocket science makes use of low-power radio

 User application article  Traxa Rocketry designs and manufactures radio tracking devices for small commercial and hobby rockets, using Radiometrix TX2 RF modules for tracking them after they return to earth

News from Radiometrix (28 February 2005)

RF modems handle dirty duties

Fuelled by market demand for affordable, heavy-duty wireless equipment, AeroComm has released its ACE family of RF modems

News from Aerocomm (28 February 2005)

Narrowband transceiver raises range and channels

The latest wireless data product from low-power radio expert Radiometrix is the TR2M UHF narrowband multichannel transceiver module

News from Radiometrix (25 February 2005)

Serial device servers go Wi-Fi

The NPort W2004/W2250/W2150 series of wireless serial device servers brings traditional serial devices into the WLAN era

News from Moxa Technologies (21 February 2005)

RF modem dons NEMA enclosure for outdoor duty

In response to the demand for rugged outdoor wireless connectivity, MaxStream has released the 1W 9XTend-NEMA

News from MaxStream (18 February 2005)

Tiny module is complete 868-915MHz radio subsystem

The nRF905-CB1 is a complete 868-915MHz radio subsystem based on the Nordic nRF905 radio transceiver chip

News from Polygon Technologies (17 February 2005)

Triband solution for interference management

PCTEL has released a triband Clarify solution that supports both WCDMA and GSM, and is demonstrating it this week at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France (Booth E25 in Hall 2)

News from PCTEL (15 February 2005)

Stand-alone modem adds GPRS to M2M comms

The Trac Monitor is a stand-alone wireless modem for remote data access control and audio transmission for devices in the field

News from Alpha Micro Components (9 February 2005)

Router takes control wireless mesh networks

The MeshBox is a novel LocustWorld compatible mesh router, targeted at the growing market for wireless mesh in industrial applications

News from ICP (7 February 2005)

DAB innovator to make its own modules

RadioScape is expanding its business to include the direct supply of its award winning DAB modules

News from RadioScape (1 February 2005)

GPS modules take dead reckoning onboard

Tyco Electronics today has added dead reckoning features to its smallest GPS modules, the A1029A and A1029B  Brochure available  

News from Tyco Electronics Power Systems (27 January 2005)

Philips commits to HD Radio development

iBiquity Digital Corp has signed a new agreement with Royal Philips Electronics' Semiconductors Division

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (25 January 2005)

RF range spans components and subsystems

New from MRC Components is the Aeroflex Weinschel 2005 catalogue of RF, wireless and microwave components and subsystems

News from MRC Components (18 January 2005)

Triband modules gain Matrix location

Triband GSM/ GPRS wireless modem module designs are now available from TTPCom with high accuracy location functionality based on Matrix technology from Cambridge Positioning Systems

News from TTPCom (13 January 2005)

RFID edge controller products connect with IBM

Arcom has a new series of RFID edge controller products, designed to seamlessly connect to IBM WebSphere RFID Premises Server middleware  Brochure available  

News from Eurotech (13 January 2005)

CNET recognises HD Radio

HD Radio has received a CNET 'Next Big Thing' award in the category of car technology

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (12 January 2005)

Filter eliminates adjacent channel interference

A new line of active bandpass filters, known as the 'Ultra-Q filter', can solve critical communications issues

News from Bartley Machine and Manufacturing Co (12 January 2005)

Certification centre to speed HD Radio to market

IBiquity Digital Corp and Toko have jointly opened an international HD Radio certification centre at the Toko facility in Saitama, Japan

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (10 January 2005)

Ace signs for RF development

IBiquity Digital and Ace Technology have signed a licence agreement whereby Ace has started the development of RF modules for use in HD Radio receivers

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (10 January 2005)

Accord accelerates HD Radio adoption

Twenty-one of the USA's top radio broadcast groups have signed with iBiquity Digital Corp to accelerate broadcast conversion of 2000 AM and FM stations to digital HD Radio technology

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (7 January 2005)

Pair combine to produce HD Radio reference designs

IBiquity Digital Corp and iLab America are partnering to create reference designs for automotive, tabletop and home HD Radio products

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (7 January 2005)

Riveradio to develop tabletop HD Radio

IBiquity Digital Corp has signed a licensing agreement with Riveradio to develop and market a tabletop HD Radio receiver

News from iBiquity Digital Corp (7 January 2005)

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