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Wireless modem deal is "always on"

Alpha Micro Components has struck a deal to supply 5000 wireless GPRS modem modules to Trintech Technologies, one of Europe's major credit card terminal manufacturers.

News from Alpha Micro Components (11 June 2004)

Standard module is tailored Bluetooth solution

 User application article   Brainboxes is supplying a customised Bluetooth solution to Microvision, the Washington-State-based leader in high-resolution scanned beam display and imaging systems.

News from Brainboxes (11 June 2004)

Bluetooth range upgrades to latest specs

Brainboxes, is updating its Bluetooth hardware to be compliant with the latest version of the Bluetooth specification (v1.2).

News from Brainboxes (11 June 2004)

Module is speedy route to cordless handsets

A novel cordless voice module (CVM) integrates a radio transceiver and baseband with a complete protocol stack on a single board.

News from National Semiconductor (11 June 2004)

Low-risk route to added Bluetooth functionality

A new range of Bluetooth development and evaluation products enable fast and cost effective implementation of wireless technology into both current/legacy products and new product development.

News from Merlin Systems Corp ( 4 June 2004)