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Lamacraft adds RF experience

Innovision Research and Technology has appointed Kevin Lamacraft as Project Manager of its new UHF Systems team.

News from Innovision Research and Technology ( 2 December 2003)

GPS receiver gets the timing right

The Lassen PT module is a new-generation ultra-low-power mini GPS receiver that integrates a powerful and proven architecture to generate a 1pps timing pulse synchronised to UTC within 40ns.

News from Trimble Component Technologies ( 2 December 2003)

Three more patents for wireless technologies

CSI Wireless has been awarded three more patents - bringing its total to nine, with a further 12 patents pending.

News from CSI Wireless (25 November 2003)

Complete front end for dual-band wireless LAN

A novel all-in-one module integrates the complete dual-band front-end circuitry for wireless LAN devices in a package measuring only 5.4 x 4.0 x 1.4mm.

News from Epcos (18 November 2003)

FHSS transceiver shrinks to multichip module

A new miniature all-inclusive 900MHz FHSS transceiver breaks new ground in the short-range wireless market.

News from Aerocomm (17 November 2003)

Plug-and-play GSM/GPRS modem goes online

The Maestro 100 TCP/IP is a powerful communications interface module capable of sending and receiving