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RISC core puts GSM/GPRS/GPS module in control

The F35-XXL-SI is a smart GSM/GPRS/GPS embedded OEM module that combines the advantages of a standardised module with those of an open platform, bringing together the best of both worlds.

News from Falcom ( 5 February 2003)

Medallion goes wireless

Technical Solutions has demonstrated a novel wireless terminal to selected OEMs.

News from Technical Solutions (30 January 2003)

Brain Boxes invests - in people

Brain Boxes has been accredited as an "Investor in People".

News from Brainboxes (28 January 2003)

Spread-spectrum modules aid fleet management

 User application article   Highlighting the breadth of applications now employing wireless technology, AeroComm has supplied transceivers for a range of vehicle management applications.

News from Aerocomm (27 January 2003)

Radio modules provide peace of mind

Radiometrix designs and manufactures a variety of low power radio modules that make the implementation of high-reliability, cable-free datalinks easy for a wide range of applications.  Brochure available  

News from Radiometrix (22 January 2003)

Narrowband modules provide more range

The TX2M and R