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CSI strengthens its balance sheet

CSI Wireless has raised a further $4.3 million to pay off debts and fund general growth.

News from CSI Wireless (26 November 2002)

Intelligent serial module is Bluetooth modem

Bluetooth technology can now be added to any device with a serial port connection, following the introduction of a new fully integrated module by Flint.

News from Flint (25 November 2002)

Feature-rich modules take (remote) control

By combining RF Solutions' new 102 series encoder transmitter and 008 series decoder, a versatile and highly secure remote control system is generated.

News from RF Solutions (25 November 2002)

Dual-band module has wireless standards covered

New from Alpha Micro Components, the AMC1802GSXLA is a dual-band GPRS/GSM embedded radio modem module.

News from Alpha Micro Components (20 November 2002)

DECT transceivers provide bullet-proof telemetry

A new line of embedded DECT modules from Low Power Radio Solutions combines high-speed data transmission with low power consumption in a compact easy to apply package.  Brochure available  

News from Low Power Radio Solutions (20 November 2002)

CSI raises funding for growth

CSI Wireless has entered into an engagement agreement with a syndicate of investment dealers providing for the issuance of a maximum of