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Smallest claim for full Bluetooth module

TTI is working closely with Murata to bring cutting edge Bluetooth components to the marketplace.  Brochure available  

News from TTI Europe (22 April 2002)

Full Bluetooth from a CompactFlash card

The new Bluetooth CompactFlash card from Brain Boxes is fully supported by the Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system for true plug and play capability.

News from Brainboxes (19 April 2002)

Compact GPS modules put OEMs on the map

CSI Wireless has two new high-accuracy GPS modules for OEMs.

News from CSI Wireless (19 April 2002)

Spread spectrum applications mushroom

 User application article   Despite the generally poor trading conditions in the areas of wireless and communications, AeroComm reports a strong growth in the industrial sector for its wireless products.

News from Aerocomm (12 April 2002)

Socket takes over Nokia Bluetooth CompactFlash

Nokia and Socket Communications have signed an agreement that is designed to make the mobile computing experience using Bluetooth simple and effective.

News from Socket Communications ( 4 April 2002)

Buffalo roams free at stately home