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Taiyo Yuden and gigaAnt in Bluetooth accord

Taiyo Yuden and gigaAnt have signed a nonexclusive agreement for USA and Europe that will provide benefits to both companies and their respective customer bases.

News from Taiyo Yuden Europe (19 November 2001)

Embedded software makes radio modules run right

Low Power Radio Solutions has released the first in its easy-Radio family of ready-to-run low power radio systems.  Brochure available  

News from Low Power Radio Solutions (13 November 2001)

RF Solutions acquires module manufacturer

RF Solutions, the Sussex-based electronics manufacturer and supplier of radio products, has purchased low-power-radio module specialist Quasar.

News from RF Solutions (13 November 2001)

FM transceivers say no to interference

With next generation applications such as advanced telemetry, remote meter reading and EPOS terminals in mind, RF Solutions has introduced the X2010 and X2011 FM radio transceivers.

News from RF Solutions (13 November 2001)

Wireless LANs get faster and faster

Buffalo Technology has just announced its new high-speed version of the AirStation wireless networking system operating at 22Mbit/s - twice as fast as comp