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Latest articles from 'DC/AC Inverters'

News releases from this sub-category

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PSWI DC/AC pure sine wave inverters provide 3000W

Powersolve has brought out the PSWI series of DC/AC inverters, which are capable of providing between 1500 and 3000W from a variety of inputs.

News from Powersolve, May 25, 2010

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Magnetek Wind Inverter maximises turbine potential

Magnetek's E-Force Wind Inverter maximises the potential of wind turbines operating with permanent magnet generators and will be shown at the Windpower 2010 conference and exhibition.

News from Magnetek, May 7, 2010

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Converting platform aids wind-power applications

Semikron has launched Skiiprack, a high-power converter/inverter platform for industrial applications, including AC/DC drives, wind power, industrial power supplies and power-conversion applications.

News from Semikron, May 7, 2010

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Raptor power converters suit harsh applications

Schaefer has launched the Raptor series of power converters, which is said to be ideal for harsh military applications such as shelters, armoured vehicles, avionics, naval and open-air applications.

News from Schaefer, Mar 9, 2010

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Unipower launches smart inverter standby systems

Unipower has launched a range of fully integrated, smart inverter standby systems, preconfigured to suit a range of applications.

News from Unipower, Feb 24, 2010

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Magnetek releases E-Force Solar inverter

Magnetek has announced the introduction of its E-Force Solar inverter for grid-tied photovoltaic systems.

News from Magnetek, Nov 18, 2009

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Schaefer sine-wave inverters are UL60950-1 listed

Schaefer's AEP-A2000R series of pure sine-wave inverters are now UL60950-1 listed.

News from Schaefer, Nov 4, 2009

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Schaefer unveils DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules

Schaefer has introduced the C5100 Series of 5,000W, 3U and 5U plug-in DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules.

News from Schaefer, Jun 1, 2009

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APS offers high-power inverters

APS high-power inverters have a 50-3,000A current rating, incorporate three-phase, full and half-bridge circuit configurations and feature air or liquid cooling.

News from Applied Power Systems, May 29, 2009

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Magnetek offers PVI-Central-100 kW units

Magnetek has announced that PVI-Central-100 kW units with 208V AC and 480V AC output voltages are available for delivery.

News from Magnetek, Apr 24, 2009

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PVI-Central units ready for distribution

Magnetek has announced that PVI-Central-50kW units with 208V AC and 480V AC output voltages are currently available for delivery.

News from Magnetek, Mar 11, 2009

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ERG uploads cross-reference guide for OEM LCDs

Endicott Research (ERG) is offering a selection of full-function drivers matched to OEM LCDs equipped with LED backlights.

News from Endicott Research Group, Feb 4, 2009

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ERG offers DC-AC EL inverters

The range of Smart Force DC-AC EL inverters from Endicott Research Group (ERG) provides power for electroluminescent (EL) backlit LCDs or devices where EL is used for accent and decorative lighting.

News from Endicott Research Group, Nov 25, 2008

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Schaefer's sine wave inverters in rackmount design

Schaefer's family of pure sine wave inverter products is now packaged in a slim, 1U rackmount design.

News from Schaefer, Oct 28, 2008

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Endicott releases DC-DC converter range

Endicott Research Group (ERG) is offering DC-DC converters in a range of output power levels from 0.25W to 25W for customers that want to perform simple voltage conversions at low power.

News from Endicott Research Group, Oct 7, 2008

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Inverters are made for driving backlights

Range can power up to six CCFL tubes, and devices are available with and without dimming controls.

News from Arun Components, Jul 7, 2008

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Inverters produce three-phase supplies

Eight different input ranges from 20 to 800V DC are standard, with a choice of 200, 400 or 480V three-phase AC outputs.

News from Schaefer, Jun 11, 2008

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Sinewave inverters fit 19in rack systems

DSP-controlled inverters provide low-distortion sinewave output using an advanced high-frequency PWM technique that achieves efficiency levels as high as 92%.

News from Unipower Europe, May 1, 2008

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Inverters shed light on full spectrum of LCDs

Feature-rich, highly intelligent inverters offer a wide input voltage range, open lamp detection, onboard PWM dimming and lamp current regulation.

News from Endicott Research Group, Mar 26, 2008

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Telecom inverters provide high power density

Inverters in the INV1000 series can be operated independently or integrated using a matching controller or static transfer switch as well as a power distribution and maintenance by-pass unit.

News from Unipower Europe, Jan 9, 2008

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Inverters go parallel for scalable AC supplies

The InverTek 1000 has a power rating of 1000W, which can be paralleled for ease of integrating additional InverTek units as application demands increase.

News from Schaefer, Nov 30, 2007

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Modular inverters scale up photovoltaic supplies

Commercial photovoltaic inverters are developed in response to the rapidly growing global demand for environmentally friendly power sources.

News from Power-One, Sep 26, 2007

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Sine wave inverters provide utility grade power

The Rex series' compact, ultralight, yet robust design operates as either an inverter or a four stage adaptive battery charger.

News from Schaefer, Aug 28, 2007

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Sinewave inverter produces pure power

Compact rack-mount 3kVA inverters are rugged and ideal for industrial, satellite, military, computer, recreational, marine and general backup power applications.

News from Schaefer, Jul 19, 2007

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Backlight inverter is protected for outdoor use

DC/AC inverter features a vacuum-encapsulated design to ensure reliable CCF lamp ignition for LCDs used in outside, cold storage or other low-temperature environments.

News from Endicott Research Group, Apr 19, 2007

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