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Regulator modules target military and avionics

Complete and encapsulated 10A switching DC/DC regulator system is the first device in a new family for rugged military and avionics applications.  Brochure available  

News from Linear Technology Corp ( 5 December 2007)

DC/DC convertors and regulators in stock

Mouser Electronics can now supply a world-class range DC/DC power modules for distributed power architectures after signing a distribution agreement with Ericsson Power Modules.

News from Mouser Electronics ( 4 December 2007)

DC/DC power modules answer COTS demands

VPT Series product line now offers the full range of power options from 5 to 100W in standard output power configurations.

News from VPT (29 November 2007)

DC modules front up distributed architectures

Modules all feature a very wide 40 to 72V DC input voltage range, which is ideal for telecomms and central office applications operating from 48V battery plants.

News from Artesyn (29 November 2007)

Miniature module regulates efficiently

Complete 4A regulator system includes onboard controller, power switches, inductor and bypass capacitors enclosed and protected in a 9 x 15mm LGA package.  Brochure available  

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