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DC/DC Convertors

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DC/DC converters suit military applications

XP Power's MQP120 isolated DC/DC convertor accommodates a wide range of input voltages, from 9 to 40V DC, and is rated to 120W.

News from XP Power (25 July 2007)

Compact convertors promise reliability bonus

DC/DC convertors provide compact and highly efficient, reliable alternatives to conventional linear regulators.

News from Dengrove (24 July 2007)

Half bricks offer three high-current outputs

DC/DC convertors provide three fully independent and precisely regulated output voltages in a single compact package.

News from Calex Electronics (20 July 2007)

Sixteenth-brick convertor boosts power density

3.3V-output 20A sixteenth-brick isolated DC/DC convertor is intended for communications, data server/storage and workstation applications.

News from Power-One (19 July 2007)

High-voltage bricks cut losses to keep cool

High voltage input full brick DC/DC convertors provide 200W power or 40A current with industry standard compatible pin assignment.

News from Ideal Power (19 July 2007)