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DC/DC Convertors

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Chipset creates military-spec power systems

MIL-COTS chipset provides the full functionality of a DC/DC convertor with high efficiency and higher power density, fast transient response, low noise and flexible thermal management.

News from Vicor UK ( 4 June 2007)

Quarter bricks have power for transport

110V-input quarter-brick DC/DC convertors are designed for railway and transportation applications.  Brochure available  

News from SynQor Europe ( 1 June 2007)

DC/DC convertors provide high isolation

The Tracopower THB3 Series of 3W 24-pin DIP DC/DC convertors is designed for medical and IT applications where high isolation is required.

News from Power Sources Unlimited (31 May 2007)

Bricks to power cellular basestations

Isolated full brick DC/DC convertors combine the power density, efficiency and reliability required for RF power amplifier applications in cellular radio infrastructure equipment.  Brochure available  

News from SynQor Europe (18 May 2007)

Convertors cut the cost of distributed power

DC/DC convertors use an open-frame design with one side popu