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Shelf saves designers from custom power chassis

Powershelf is designed to accommodate up to three D1U AC/DC front-end power supplies in parallel.  Brochure available  

News from C and D Technologies (NCL) (12 January 2007)

DC/DC convertor reverses polarity

High voltage DC/DC convertor is created for applications requiring a hot switchable output polarity reversing capability.

News from Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp (22 December 2006)

New sales director for C and D Technologies

CandD Technologies has appointed Paul Jap as new Director of Sales in the Asia Pacific Region.  Brochure available  

News from C and D Technologies (NCL) (12 December 2006)

New class of power module simulators

Tyco Electronics Power Systems releases the new FlowSim simulator for its Power Module products.

News from Tyco Electronics Power Systems ( 7 December 2006)

Fast transient response for 3GHz DSP systems

Texas Instruments has introduced a 10A, nonisolated DC/DC power module with fast transient response and high performance.

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