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Collaboration creates compact convertors

CC-E compact DC/DC convertors are now available under the new collaborative TDK-Lambda product brand.  Brochure available  

News from Lambda ( 4 September 2006)

Power conversion products are held in stock

Waldom Electronics has signed an agreement with Triad Magnetics, a manufacturer of power conversion products.

News from Waldom Electronics (30 August 2006)

POL regulators meet military demands

Miniature point-of-load regulators are designed for main power units and integrated circuits in a wide variety of military and avionics applications.

News from Roband Electronics (28 August 2006)

Quarter-brick convertor boosts IBA power density

An isolated DC/DC convertor saves cost and space in intermediate bus architecture applications in computer and telecommunications equipment.  Brochure available  

News from C and D Technologies (NCL) (25 August 2006)

Brochure features advanced DC/DC convertors

SynQor has released a new brochure featuring its most advanced DC/DC convertor product lines including the most recent Advanced TCA interface module and high power c