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Technical notes advise on convertor applications

A new collection of technical notes outlines critical issues to consider for the safe and successful incorporation of DC/DC convertors into high reliability systems.

News from VPT (26 July 2005)

Vertical mount convertors save space onboard

Eight new vertical mount nonisolated point-of-load DC/DC convertors are designed specifically for applications where board space is at an absolute premium.

News from Artesyn Technologies (25 July 2005)

Convertors power up ATX motherboards

Liantec Systems has released two new embedded DC/DC convertors, the Liantec DCM-100 and DCM-150.

News from Liantec Systems Corporation (21 July 2005)

Regulator adjusts to changing designs

The 33mm tall De-Swadj module is designed to be the easiest possible way to add an adjustable voltage source to a new or existing project with all the benefits of switch-mode power efficiency.

News from Dimension Engineering (21 July 2005)

Patent covers PoE in connectors

PowerDsine has been awarded a US patent for PoE functionality in a connector assembly.

News from PowerDsine UK (14 July 2005)

Convertors feature tight load regulation

New DC/DC convertors suit a wide variety of board level power applications requiring 3W of regulated output power,