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Alpha Telecom signs for midspan licence

PowerDsine has granted a licence to allow Alpha Telecom USA to use its US Patent Number 6,473,608 in connection with the manufacture and sale of midspan PoE products.

News from PowerDsine UK (17 June 2005)

Initiative targets early RoHS compliance

Artesyn has begun a new RoHS initiative to substantially reduce the hazardous substances used in the manufacture of its telecomms products.

News from Artesyn Technologies (17 June 2005)

Intelligent supply powers up embedded systems

The OnPower 60-I is an intelligent 60W triple-output galvanically isolated PC/104 bus DC/DC power supply designed to meet the demanding requirements of aircraft, ship and industrial installations.

News from Parvus Corp (13 June 2005)

Technical library comes on CD

A comprehensive technical library on CD provides support throughout the power system design process, from selecting the optimum architecture to meeting EMI regulations.

News from Vicor UK (13 June 2005)

Ultraminiature DC modules put HV onboard

The only French designer of low and medium power high voltage convertors, SDS is one of only two or three manufacturers in the world to supply ultraminiature DC modules.

News from SDS Systems Development and Solutions ( 7 June 2005)