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Modules put low voltages at the point of load

Texas Instruments has released six new POLA nonisolated plug-in power modules for telecomms and datacommunications applications that require a low output voltage rail.

News from Texas Instruments (23 June 2004)

Modules meet memory power requirements

A new series of POLA nonisolated plug-in power modules will help designers meet stringent termination requirements of double and quad datarate I and II memory systems.

News from Texas Instruments (23 June 2004)

Eighth-brick convertors handle quarter-brick power

Two new 5V single-output eighth-brick DC/DC convertors boast industry-leading conversion efficiencies of 92%.

News from Artesyn Technologies (11 June 2004)

Convertor ups the density of eighth-brick outline

The EUE200 is an industry-standard bus convertor claimed to bring a significant increase in power capability to the industry standard eighth brick footprint.

News from Tyco Electronics Power Systems ( 9 June 2004)

Alliance to standardise convertor pinouts

Celestica has joined DOSA, the Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance, an industry alliance formed in February 2004.

News from Celestica Power Systems ( 7 June 2004)

HIgh efficiency for 16A DC/DC convertors

The Cincon SIP/SMT16-12 families of high-power-density si