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Improved isolation for DC/DC modules

CTC's B5WR DC/DC modules offer a cost effective solution to supplying a range of DC voltages where excellent isolation is needed in telecomms, industrial and computer industries.

News from Nu Horizons Electronics Corp (17 January 2003)

Promotion for Ward

Having joined Anglia approximately one year ago as Head of UK Sales, James Ward has now been promoted to the position of Sales Director.

News from Anglia ( 8 January 2003)

Bricks provide scalable power building blocks

A novel component-based approach promises to provide a very simple, quick and totally scalable solution for distributed and modular power systems.

News from Advanced Power Conversion ( 8 January 2003)

Artesyn Youghal closing by September 2003

Artesyn Technologies is to close its manufacturing plant in Ireland as part of a series of global cost reduction initiatives.

News from Artesyn Technologies (25 December 2002)

Convertors cram 35W into less than a quarter brick

The new S35 Series from BTCPower is a range of high-efficiency, low-power DC/DC convertors that deliver a power output of 35W from a sub-quarter-brick package.

News from BTCPower (24 December 2002)

Convertors cut down on components

A new series o