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Low-profile convertors front distributed power

UHiTek Power has a new series of low-profile AC/DC convertors for use in modular distributed power systems.

News from HiTek Power (24 May 2002)

High-efficiency half brick is lighter and thinner

High power density coupled with high efficiency make Lambda's new PAH half-brick DC/DC power modules ideal for a host of telecommunications, computing and distributed power architectures.  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (22 May 2002)

Quarter bricks to distribute DC power

The Lambda PAQ Series of DC/DC convertors, now available from Powerline, is a range of high-density units in the industry-standard 'quarter brick' profile with ratings from 50 to 100W.

News from Powerline (20 May 2002)

Website upgrade incorporates powerful searches

Artesyn Technologies' Power Group has radically overhauled its website, with a view to making it faster and easier to use, and more user-friendly.

News from Artesyn Technologies (16 May 2002)

SM quarter bricks feature efficiencies up to 90%

Artesyn Technologies has a new family of surface-mount DC/DC convertors that produce up to 50W of output power from a quarter-brick open-frame package just 0.4in high.

News from Artesyn Technologies (14 May 2002)