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Open frame switchers change to smaller footprint

Miniature open frame switching power supplies with a 4 x 2in profile target the miniaturisation trend of electronic products in general industrial applications.

News from Sunpower (UK) (19 October 2006)

Enclosed supplies have broad appeal

Powersolve has released the TXL Series of enclosed power supplies.

News from Powersolve (19 October 2006)

Power supply meets X-ray demands

Modular 150W power supply meets the exacting demands of today's high-performance industrial X-ray systems.

News from HiTek Power (18 October 2006)

Supplies answer Energy Star demands

External power supplies are designed to meet the requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Programme.

News from SL Power Electronics Corporation (17 October 2006)

Power adapter imitators beware

Phihong has announced its intention to take action against manufacturers infringing on the patent for its R-Series adapters' interchangeable clip design.

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