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Compact universal-input switcher tops 200W

Proven power supply design techniques come together to create the world's smallest 212W single-output AC/DC switcher.

News from XP Power ( 7 June 2006)

Encapsulated AC/DC convertors power up to 30W

Bear Power Supplies has extended the power range of its encapsulated AC/DC convertors, adding 30W models to its existing line of 5, 10 and 15W supplies.

News from Bear Power Supplies ( 6 June 2006)

Award recognises DIN-rail PSU leadership

The 2006 Frost and Sullivan Award for Technology Leadership has been presented to Puls Power Supplies for its accomplishments in the DIN-rail power supplies market.

News from Puls UK ( 5 June 2006)

Universal supply offers full range of outputs

GlobTek's GT(M)200P200 series delivers up to 200W of continuous output power and is available with regulated output voltages ranging from 3.3 to 48V in 0.1V increments.

News from GlobTek ( 5 June 2006)

One-stop-shop adds two power supply brands

SL Power Electronics Corporation, the new company established to manufacture and market the Condor and Ault product ranges has added The Power Supply Shop to its European distribution network.

News from Condor DC Power Supplies ( 5 June 2006)

Power supply brands come together

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