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Latest articles from 'AC/DC Power Supplies'

News releases from this sub-category

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Power supply repairs are guaranteed for a year

Power supply repair and design specialist Ferrus Power has extended the warranty period for all power supply repairs to 12 months.

News from Ferrus Power, Nov 28, 2005

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High-power supply takes on exciting laser duties

Powerlase, a leader in robust industrial laser tools, has selected the Sorensen SFA high-power DC supply to power its 400 and 800W nanosecond-pulsed industrial lasers.

News from Elgar Electronics Corp, Nov 24, 2005

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CompactPCI PSU boasts near unity power factor

The CPCIE2933 is a 350W supply housed in a standard 6U x 8HP enclosure and available with a PICMG standard 47-pin I/O connector or an optional 38-pin connector configuration.

News from Unipower Europe, Nov 21, 2005

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Compact front end supplies 350W in 1U

Lambda has added a 350W front end power version to its NV-Power range of class-leading, high density and environmentally friendly power supplies.

News from Lambda, Nov 17, 2005

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High-voltage supplies boast smoother output

New precision high voltage power supplies use proprietary techniques to minimise component stress and enable unprecedented reductions in output ripple, noise and drift.

News from Applied Kilovolts, Nov 16, 2005

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Switchers offer choice of formats

Two new series of 60W switch mode power supplies will suit a wide variety of commercial and medical applications.

News from Powersolve, Nov 15, 2005

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Supplies power up VME-based systems

Schaefer has introduced the C4500 Series of 1600W 6U-high VME/Eurorack compatible DC/DC and AC/DC convertors.

News from Schaefer, Nov 15, 2005

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DC voltage is distributed with ease

GlobTek's 1KPP-3KPP and 1KPP-4KPP low-voltage distribution box allows the distribution of DC power from an off-the-shelf power supply using the industry standard locking jacks.

News from GlobTek, Nov 8, 2005

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Power supply is approved for medical applications

With competitor products one-third larger by volume, the ECM100, single-output AC/DC switching power supply from XP Power is the world's most compact unit of its type.

News from XP Power, Nov 3, 2005

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Power convertors are safer onboard

The latest AC/DC power convertor from Bear Power Supplies features a mini-IEC input connector and detachable line cord for AC power input.

News from Bear Power Supplies, Nov 1, 2005

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Competitive pricing for 150W external supplies

Power Sources Unlimited has introduced the Edacpower EA11603 Series of 150W AC/DC external power supplies.

News from Power Sources Unlimited, Oct 27, 2005

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Rail-mounting supply includes active filtering

The Dimension QS3 is a space-saving 80W PSU with a nominal output of 24V at 3.4A continuous load.

News from Puls UK, Oct 26, 2005

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Convertor modules power up to 15kW

Schaefer has introduced the CW5500 Series of 15kW, 5U-high, 19in-wide rack style, water-cooled DC/DC and AC/DC convertor modules.

News from Schaefer, Oct 25, 2005

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Sessions supports growing PSU business

Arrow Electronics has further strengthened support for its growing UK power supply business with the appointment of Steve Sessions as PSU Marketing Manager.

News from Arrow Electronics (UK), Oct 17, 2005

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Phihong joins PoEPlus standards drive

Phihong USA has joined the new IEEE802.3 task force formed to create an improved PoE standard.

News from Phihong Europe, Oct 17, 2005

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Website takes a European view

Lambda's new website offers a single portal for all of the company's European activity.

News from Lambda, Oct 7, 2005

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Upgraded website features GPS prize draw

Condor has remodelled its website to give potential and existing customers easier access to much more information about its medical and commercial power supply product ranges.

News from Condor DC Power Supplies, Oct 7, 2005

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Front end has extensive monitoring and control

The FNP600-12 is a 600W hot-swap AC/DC front end that features extensive I2C-compatible monitoring and control capabilities.

News from Power-One, Oct 5, 2005

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DIN-rail-mounted supplies shrink by half

Dimension is billed as an entirely new concept in switch mode power supply technology, providing features that no other power supply on the market offers.

News from Puls UK, Oct 4, 2005

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External supply has smaller outline

A new external 120W AC/DC power supply is only half the size of competing offerings and has a power density of 4.9W/in3.

News from XP Power, Oct 3, 2005

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PoE injector works with gigabit Ethernet

A new single port power injector for power-over-Ethernet applications is designed for use with Gigabit systems.

News from Phihong Europe, Oct 3, 2005

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Configurable supplies pass military tests

Lambda's Vega and Vega-Lite series of configurable power supplies have achieved military-approved performance levels.

News from Lambda, Oct 3, 2005

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Front end supplies deliver up to 2.5kW

IPG Series power supplies generate output voltages of 12, 24 and 48V DC at power levels up to 2.5kW.

News from Ideal Power, Sep 30, 2005

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Medical supplies up the power density

A new range of single output power supplies designed specifically for use in medical applications offers 57% more power than previous models of their size.

News from Condor DC Power Supplies, Sep 26, 2005

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Switching supplies cut costs and size

The Cincon CFM05 Series of low-cost compact open-frame 5W AC/DC switching power supplies features a tiny footprint of only 55 x 35 x 20mm and a universal 85-264V AC input.

News from Power Sources Unlimited, Sep 21, 2005

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Showing 626-650 of 1110 articles

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  • AC/DC power supplies are medically approved

    TDK-Lambda has introduced the NVM175 range of medically approved AC/DC power supplies.
  • Campbell Collins offers IPD power supply range

    Campbell Collins has added to its franchise list by taking on Integrated Power Designs' (IPD) range of AC/DC and DC/DC embedded power supplies.
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