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Low-profile supply for photomultiplier tubes

The PPM1-152N is a photomultiplier power supply module that offers low output ripple, excellent load regulation and low EMI from a package only 24mm high.

News from HiTek Power (12 November 2003)

High-power switcher produces 12V efficiently

Using a novel circuit design, Puls has increased the efficiency of its 12V devices to above 89%.

News from Puls UK (12 November 2003)

Corrected supplies have global appeal

A new series of power supplies combines active power factor correction, output overload protection up to 145% above peak, and overvoltage protection up to 35% above the nominal output.

News from Ultimate Renaissance ( 5 November 2003)

Medical and high-voltage supplies

A new series of medical and high-voltage supplies are available as custom designs providing up to 500W.

News from GlobTek ( 4 November 2003)

Switchers boast maximum density

With the highest available power density for PSUs of their type, the SMQ300 and SMQ400 ranges of low cost AC/DC switch mode units enable more functions to be accommodated in a given enclosure.

News from XP ( 3 November 2003)

Isolation transformers cut leakage and noise

Jerome Industries has released a desktop-style 125W outp