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Speedy configuration for modular supplies

The APC-MS series of modular power supplies provide OEMs with easy, cost-effective configurability and fast time to market

News from Powerstax (23 February 2004)

Configurable power rises to new levels

Lambda's industry-leading Alpha power supply is now available across the full range of power levels from 400 to 1500W

News from Powerline (12 February 2004)

Compact dimensions for 130W medical supply

Designed for medical applications where space is limited, the ECM130, 130W open frame power supply has a footprint of 76 x 127mm and is 32.5mm high

News from XP Power (12 February 2004)

Hot-swap system powers wireless RF amplifiers

Designed specifically for powering wireless RF amplifiers, the TWR Series consists of hot-swap modules in three- or four-position 2U high power shelves  Brochure available  

News from Unipower Europe (10 February 2004)

External switcher takes universal input

The Astec Power DA16 Series of wall-mount external switching power supplies can deliver 12V DC at 16W total power with 20ms of hold up time

News from Astec Power (5 February 2004)

Certification "not just a one-off test"

As part of an ongoing commitment to best-in-class quality standards, Celab has been awarded BS EN ISO9001:2000 certification, following assessment of its quality management system

News from Celab (29 January 2004)

Power supply guide features 1000 new products

The 2004 power supply guide from XP contains full technical details for 197 families of power supply and 5000 individual products - Europe's widest range from a single source

News from XP Power (23 January 2004)

Eastern investment cuts linear supply prices

The PAR (AC/DC regulated), PAC (AC/AC) and PAU (AC/DC unregulated) ranges from PowerPax UK see linear power supplies become even more aggressively priced

News from PowerPax UK (21 January 2004)

Supply meets ideal X-ray specs

The XR50 is the latest member of the HiGen family of X-ray generator power supplies from HiTek Power

News from HiTek Power (6 January 2004)

Four-output supply squeezes in more power

The quad-output eF175 is billed as a landmark in component power supplies offering 175W output from an industry standard 84 x 127mm footprint

News from Gresham Power Electronics (6 January 2004)

Medical supplies break free from earth

Medical-grade power-supply specialist Condor has responded to the increasing demand for standard ranges of Grade II medical PSUs with its first family of standard power supplies in a class II form

News from SL Power Electronics Corporation (30 December 2003)

Hunter has specialist appeal

Unipower Europe has signed power solutions specialist distributor Hunter Electronic Components

News from Unipower Europe (30 December 2003)

It's cool to supply 120W without a fan

The latest switch-mode power supply from XP, the SDS120, is a compact 120W unit that delivers full power at up to 50C ambient without the need for forced air cooling

News from XP Power (18 December 2003)

Green switchers cut their losses

A new range of compact switch mode power supplies are year 2005 "Green Power Standard" compliant in addition to having full international safety approvals as standard

News from PowerPax UK (1 December 2003)

Distributors wanted

Omniflex UK is looking for new distributors throughout the UK and Ireland for its ranges of alarm annunciators, switch-mode power supplies, battery chargers and signal conditioning equipment

News from Omniflex (UK) (26 November 2003)

Flexible switcher family has 36 members

ACL series switchers suit any industrial application requiring a low-cost low-profile AC/DC power supply with up to four outputs, and power ratings from 150 to 300W

News from XP Power (26 November 2003)

EMI-protected supplies have global appeal

Two new single output power supplies combine active power factor correction with integrated remote sense, power fail and remote inhibit functions

News from Ultimate Renaissance (24 November 2003)

Expansion for rail-mounting switcher range

Lambda has added two new models to its lead-free DLP series of DIN-rail mounted AC/DC supplies  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (19 November 2003)

Single-output switchers cover a wide range

A new family of open-frame 65W switching power supplies features a full range of single-output devices from 3.3 to 48V DC in 100mV increments

News from GlobTek (14 November 2003)

Low-profile supply for photomultiplier tubes

The PPM1-152N is a photomultiplier power supply module that offers low output ripple, excellent load regulation and low EMI from a package only 24mm high

News from HiTek Power (11 November 2003)

High-power switcher produces 12V efficiently

Using a novel circuit design, Puls has increased the efficiency of its 12V devices to above 89%

News from Puls UK (11 November 2003)

Corrected supplies have global appeal

A new series of power supplies combines active power factor correction, output overload protection up to 145% above peak, and overvoltage protection up to 35% above the nominal output

News from Ultimate Renaissance (4 November 2003)

Medical and high-voltage supplies

A new series of medical and high-voltage supplies are available as custom designs providing up to 500W

News from GlobTek (3 November 2003)

Switchers boast maximum density

With the highest available power density for PSUs of their type, the SMQ300 and SMQ400 ranges of low cost AC/DC switch mode units enable more functions to be accommodated in a given enclosure

News from XP Power (31 October 2003)

Isolation transformers cut leakage and noise

Jerome Industries has released a desktop-style 125W output rated 120V input, 120V output medical grade isolation transformer

News from Jerome Industries (22 October 2003)

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