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Hot-plug power system meets medical specs

HiTek Power has two new medically approved, modular AC/DC power systems that can be quickly assembled to meet custom output specifications.

News from HiTek Power (17 December 2002)

Rugged 1500W package meets military power specs

Vicor subsidiary Mission Power Solutions has developed a low-profile, configurable AC/DC switching power supply packaged for rugged military applications.

News from Vicor UK ( 9 December 2002)

Module pumps up laser supplies

HiTek Power has introduced the SM10 10W simmer module for use with the flashlamps used to pump YAG lasers and in other intense pulsed-light systems.

News from HiTek Power ( 4 December 2002)

Versatile supplies for e-beam welding

HiTek Power has the EB family of electron-gun drive units and control modules for use in a wide range of electron-beam welding and materials processing applications.

News from HiTek Power (27 November 2002)

Tiny SIP supplies up to 90V

Housed in a thin (4mm), miniature single inline package, the new SIP90 from Emco High Voltage Corp offers high performance while maintaining low costs for high volume applications.

News from Emco High Voltage Corp (26 November 2002)