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Hot swap DC power supply delivers 420W for cPCI

Developed for high-availability telecommunications applications, the latest CompactPCI DC power supply from C and D Technologies is a 420W 'hot swap' unit in a standard 6U x 8HP form factor

News from C and D Technologies (NCL) (16 July 2002)

O'Conner returns to Gresham

Gresham Power, the Salisbury based power supply manufacturer, has appointed Melanie O'Conner as General Manager for power supply sales

News from Gresham Power Electronics (16 July 2002)

Full safety approval for compact 3kW rack module

Unipower's new UL listed rack is 2U high and holds three Vanguard TVN Series 1000W hot-swap power modules  Brochure available  

News from Unipower Europe (16 July 2002)

Server power rack has hot-swap reliability

New from Minebea, the SD241U server power rack features the Phoenix series of power supplies specified for server use in an n+1 configuration, enabling system redundancy and continuity of service

News from NMB-Minebea (12 July 2002)

Powertron goes west

Cambridge-based power supply manufacturer Powertron has relocated to a new design centre in the village of Knapwell, about 5 miles west of the city

News from Powertron (8 July 2002)

Supply rises quickly for laser power

As part of its strategy to expand its product capability for the laser industry, HiTek Power has introduced the LDD4000 high-power laser diode driver

News from HiTek Power (25 June 2002)

Supplies take on AMD-based workstations

The latest pair of switching power supplies from Minebea are optimised for use in workstations and network servers with AMD processors

News from NMB-Minebea (13 June 2002)

Enclosed supplies aid safe access

Ultimate Renaissance has a range of small-footprint enclosed 20W power supplies for use in security or emergency systems, or other applications needing regular service access inside the cabinet

News from Ultimate Renaissance (7 June 2002)

Supplies take on workstations and servers

Available now from NMB Minebea, the IT002A and SD023A power supplies are designed for the workstation and network server markets

News from NMB-Minebea (30 May 2002)

Versatile switchers supply wide voltage ranges

The Cortech CSS150 is a flexible 1U-form-factor 150W switcher available in quad-, triple-, dual- and single-output versions

News from Ultimate Renaissance (13 May 2002)

Powerful solutions

The NMB Minebea Power Electronics Group has produced a folder which outlines the capabilities of the European development group and gives an overview of Minebea's comprehensive power supply range

News from NMB-Minebea (13 May 2002)

Next-day delivery for six-output switchers

By using internal DIP switches to program the six outputs of its new Quick-Set PowerCassette 600W switcher, Unipower can offer next-day delivery for small quantities of 234 different models  Brochure available  

News from Unipower Europe (10 May 2002)

Shortform covers AC/DC PSUs and DC/DC convertors

Artesyn Technologies has published a new shortform catalogue, detailing the company's extensive range of power conversion products

News from Artesyn (9 May 2002)

DIN-rail PSUs take the rough with the smooth

The Inlec series of efficient low-voltage DIN-rail mounted power supplies delivers a constant regulated 12 or 24V and will tolerate a broad range of input supply variations

News from BTL Powertech (3 May 2002)

Instrumentation PSUs have up to three outputs

Datel's DMS-PS-CM series of AC/DC instrumentation power supplies are ideal for driving modern transducers, digital panel meters, op amps and data-acquisition components in complex applications

News from Datel (UK) (2 May 2002)

High efficiency and PFC from DIN-rail PSUs

HiTek Power has released the Hi-Rail low-voltage, DIN rail mounted power supply

News from HiTek Power (2 May 2002)

Open-frame PFC switchers have wide output range

GlobTek has released a new family of 100W switching power supplies with over 200 standard models, featuring single, dual, triple and triple-low outputs from 3.3 to 48V in 0.1V increments

News from GlobTek (11 April 2002)

Commodity design enhanced for high-reliability PSU

Minebea has evolved the elaborate double forward convertor topology used in its standard range of PC power supplies to develop its new Phoenix topology

News from NMB-Minebea (11 April 2002)

Supply enhanced for server/RAID performance

A range of 300W ATX redundant power supplies available from Wordsworth offer an enhanced 12V/15A output ideal for server/RAID applications

News from Wordsworth Technology (11 April 2002)

High stability from X-ray generators

HiTek Power has introduced the XR4K family of X-ray generators, intended for applications in analytical X-ray systems, fluorescence (XRF) and diffraction (XRD) and food industry inspection

News from HiTek Power (10 April 2002)

Digital control provides novel switcher design

GSPK Design has developed innovative switch-mode power solutions using DSP-based digital control techniques

News from GSPK Design (5 April 2002)

Rectifier provides PFC power for telecomms

Minebea has a new switch-mode power supply designed to provide 2500W of output power into a 48V telecomms system

News from NMB-Minebea (5 April 2002)

Compact universal input convertor ranges up to 30W

The new TML series from Traco Power is a range of fully encapsulated AC/DC power modules with output power from 5, 10, 15 and 30W

News from Traco Power (2 April 2002)

AC/DC convertor shrinks to typical DC/DC size

The latest AC/DC convertor module from Rohm Electronics is a highly integrated and compact device that will simplify the design and reduce the component count, size and weight of power supply boards

News from Rohm Electronics (22 March 2002)

Switchers certified for medical applications

Ultimate Renaissance has a range of AC/DC switching power supplies certified to IEC601 and UL2601 safety standards for Type-B non-patient-connected medical equipment

News from Ultimate Renaissance (18 March 2002)

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