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Feature-packed three-phase PSU at no cost penalty

Puls has launched a compact three-phase 240W standard power unit (10A at 24-28V DC) with a wide range of novel features, yet costing no more than the corresponding single-phase unit.

News from Puls UK (6 December 2001)

Supplies keep cameras running

Stortech Electronics has extended its range of compact inline power supplies for the international security camera market.

News from Stortech Electronics (5 December 2001)

Open-frame 120W power supply comes with PFC

The Digital Power UPF 105 Series, a low-cost high-efficiency 120W open-frame switch-mode power supply with power-factor correction, is now available from Powerline.

News from Powerline (29 November 2001)

Mag amp gives switcher a no-load bonus

The Sirius M is the latest configurable switched mode power supply from leading power systems solutions provider Lambda and it is particularly suited to medical equipment applications.  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (28 November 2001)

200W switcher gains power factor correction

Amplicon Liveline has upgraded its successful PU200 range of 200W switch mode power supplies with the addition of power factor correction.

News from Amplicon (22 November 2001)

Hot-swap AC/DC power supply for 19in racks

Broadband TelCom Power (BTC Power) has released the RPM series 800W AC/DC power module, including power factor correction.

News from BTCPower (21 November 2001)

Miniature 1kW AC/DC switch-mode power supply

The ETA FHH switch-mode AC/DC power supply, now available from Powerline, delivers a power output of up to 1kW from a compact package measuring only 93 x 163 x 250mm and weighing less than 4kg.

News from Powerline (14 November 2001)

Small 150W switching power supply

ACL 150 series power supplies from XP include multiple output models capable of delivering 150W of continuous power.

News from XP Power (12 November 2001)

Smaller DIN-rail supply delivers up to 500W

With the new SL20.310 (24-28V/20 or 25A) Puls has released the latest version of its power supply classic, first introduced to the DIN-rail market by the Munich-based company five years ago.

News from Puls UK (1 November 2001)

Compact 300W switcher features high power density

Now available from Powerline is the Digital Power ePower 300, a compact switch-mode power supply designed to provide an exceptionally high power density in the most demanding applications.

News from Powerline (1 November 2001)

Rose appointment boosts UR comms focus

UR (Ultimate Renaissance) has appointed Simon Rose as business manager of its communications division.

News from Ultimate Renaissance (16 October 2001)

400W supplies with CompactPCI bells and whistles

APW has introduced a range of 400W AC- and DC-input high performance power supplies, providing standard CompactPCI voltages of 3.3V/68A, 5V/25A, +12V/5A and -12V/1.5A.

News from Vero Electronics (15 October 2001)

External medical supplies repel nasty fluids

Condor Power Supplies has released a new range of external 60W supplies.

News from SL Power Electronics Corporation (5 October 2001)

Tiny 15W supply with medical approvals

Measuring less than the size of a credit card, the new medically approved GSM15 from Condor DC power supplies will suit medical equipment applications where an ultrasmall power supply is needed.

News from SL Power Electronics Corporation (4 October 2001)

Power supply for global markets

New from C and D Technologies is a single-output 1000W AC/DC power supply that has been designed for worldwide use.

News from C and D Technologies (NCL) (21 September 2001)

Cost engineering for power supplies

Schroff's Ecopower switch-mode PSUs offer a wide choice of mains input voltages ranging from between 90V-254V AC and 100-360V DC.

News from Schroff UK (21 September 2001)

Modest claims for novel switcher

Omron describes its new ST8 range as the most significant advance in switching power supply design for more than 10 years.  Brochure available  

News from Omron Electronics (20 September 2001)

500W CompactPCI PSU slims into just 4HP

As well as being the world's narrowest CompactPCI 500W DC power supply, the cPCI500DC from C and D Technologies is also the first CompactPCI PSU to offer built-in IPMI functionality.

News from C and D Technologies (NCL) (19 September 2001)

Up to four outputs from 375W PFC switcher

New from Amplicon, the PFC375 switch-mode power supply is available with single, triple and quad outputs.

News from Amplicon (29 August 2001)

XP turns to PSU design and manufacturing

XP has joined forces with a new company formed by the merger of Zicon Electronics and Power Generics, two innovative UK power supply companies.

News from XP Power (20 August 2001)

Compact dual-output switchers deliver up to 225W

Featuring a compact PCB construction, the CPL Series of dual-output switching power supplies is available now from XP.

News from XP Power (6 August 2001)

Plant status option for CATV power supplies

Celab has released a new interface card for its CATV power supplies, implementing the new industry standard Hybrid Management Sublayer (HMS 022) plant status interface.

News from Celab (1 August 2001)

Open-frame AC/DC power supply with 20W output

The new UPO201C from Powerline is an open-frame AC/DC power supply is ideally suited for applications where space and cost-effectiveness are critical.

News from Powerline (25 July 2001)

External switch-mode supplies take linear market

Artesyn Technologies has launched two new series of low-cost AC/DC external power supplies for applications that demand small, efficient outboard power sources.

News from Artesyn Technologies (20 July 2001)

Industrial supplies now come with PFC

Lambda has added three new models to its popular DRP series of DIN-rail mounted power supplies: the DRP144-1, DRP288-1 and DRP600-1.  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (18 July 2001)

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