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Lightweight high-density switcher

Now available from Ultimate Renaissance are a range of highly efficient 60W AC/DC power supplies that provide power densities exceeding 7W/inch3 in a 50.8 x 101.6 x 20.3mm package

News from Ultimate Renaissance (15 March 2001)

Cost-competitive 120W switch-mode power supply

Lambda has introduced a new highly cost-competitive switched-mode power supply, the SC120, which offers high levels of performance without any compromise in design  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (14 March 2001)

Multi-output switcher with medical qualifications

Condor has released a 125W multi-output switching power supply housed in a compact 89 x 152 x 38mm package

News from SL Power Electronics Corporation (5 March 2001)

1200W PSUs support current-sharing and hot swaps

Artesyn Technologies has launched a new family of 1200W front-end AC/DC power supplies featuring an extensive set of configuration and control facilities to simplify system integration

News from Artesyn (9 February 2001)

Single-output Alpha delivers concentrated power

Lambda has introduced a new single-output version of its 1000W Alpha  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (8 February 2001)

Open-frame 50W switch-mode power supply

The ETA BW Series, a range of open-frame switch-mode power supplies with output ratings up to 50W, is now available from Powerline

News from Powerline (24 January 2001)

Space-sving energy-efficient telecomms power

Gravitas Mercury is a new space-saving energy system from Unipower Telecom designed to power the computer-telephony integrated systems equipment of small to medium enterprises with growth potential  Brochure available  

News from Unipower Europe (18 January 2001)

Unipower goes to Acal for PSU distribution

Unipower, the Sussex- and Florida-based power supplies manufacturer, has appointed Acal Electronics to distribute its products in the UK and Ireland

News from Unipower Europe (18 January 2001)

High-current PSU adjusts down to 1.45V output

Excelsys Technologies has launched a high current output module for its 3gen series of configurable AC/DC power supplies featuring an adjustable output voltage which can go as low as 1.45V DC

News from Excelsys Technologies (1 January 2001)

Low-profile 150W AC/DC PSU fits on 1U shelf

Artesyn Technologies has launched a compact 150W power-factor-corrected AC/DC open-frame power supply, available with up to four outputs

News from Artesyn (1 January 2001)

Budget switchers gain active harmonic filtering

Lambda has added the new ZWS-AF range to its popular and highly flexible ZWS family of single output switched mode power supplies  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (25 December 2000)

Low-noise switchers use advanced filter technology

Excelsys Technologies has launched a range of innovative switch-mode AC/DC power supplies featuring exceptionally low noise outputs

News from Excelsys Technologies (25 December 2000)

Switch-mode supplies for medical applications

Lambda has introduced low leakage medical filter options for its Alpha switched mode power supply range, ensuring that the units are approved to EN60601, IEC-601 and UL2601  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (4 December 2000)

Excelsys launches web-based design resource centre

Excelsys Technologies has launched a web-based design resource centre that enables electronics engineers and system integrators to obtain exactly the right power supply for their application

News from Excelsys Technologies (4 December 2000)

'Off-the-peg' yet tailored power solutions

PowerCassette is a new configurable AC to DC power supply concept from Sussex and Florida-based manufacturer Unipower  Brochure available  

News from Unipower Europe (4 December 2000)

Small and more economical DIN rail power supplies

The new MiniLine switched-mode power supply units, the ML30 and ML50, were developed by Puls in response to significant market requirement for small and more economical lower power units

News from Puls UK (9 November 2000)

Power supply 40% smaller than corresponding units

The SL10.300 from PULS is currently the smallest 240W 3 phase power supply unit available on the market, at about 40% smaller than corresponding units of its class

News from Puls UK (9 November 2000)

PC power supplies offer ease of customisation

A range of high-quality PC power supplies offering ease of customisation is now available from Powerline with continuous output ratings of up to 400 W from a standard ATX package

News from Powerline (7 November 2000)

Rack-mount power supplies with multiple outputs

A new range of multiple-output rack-mount power supplies from Powerline offers a choice of configurations with output ratings up to 120W, and is ideal for VME and other bus-based systems

News from Powerline (26 October 2000)

Ultrathin PSU for portable devices

Designed for portable devices, OEP's latest fully encapsulated ultra thin PSU design consists of a range of 8 modules with output voltages from 5V to 48V

News from Oxford Electrical Products (16 October 2000)

True universal input on big 10A power supply

The PS5R-G24 boasts a massive 10A at 24V DC and features a true universal input (85-264V AC or 105-370V DC) that allows the user to ship their equipment anywhere in the world  Brochure available  

News from Idec Electronics (13 October 2000)

New switch-mode power supplies at Electronica

Artesyn Technologies will be launching a number of highly innovative power solutions at electronica 2000, including a new series of 150W AC/DC switch-mode power supplies for networking applications

News from Artesyn (9 October 2000)

Scalable power systems introduced at TMA2000

Unipower Telecom is introducing the Gravitas Energy Systems, with modular plug-and-go components available to boost capacity or provide monitoring, control and remote diagnostic facilities  Brochure available  

News from Unipower Europe (2 October 2000)

New 2V output modules for switched-mode PSU

Lambda has unveiled three new output modules for its configurable switched-mode power supply Alpha, two to satisfy the power requirements of equipment employing the new lower voltage devices  Brochure available  

News from Lambda (1 September 2000)

Switched-mode power supply gets patent granted

Four years after its introduction Alpha, Lambda's configurable switched-mode power supply, has been granted a patent for its design concept of using output modules with flexible secondary windings

News from Lambda (1 September 2000)

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