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OLED industry set to converge in Singapore

The 10th international OLEDs conference, OLEDs Asia 2006, will be held from 24th to 26th April 2006 at the Hilton Singapore.

News from Intertech Corp (24 March 2006)

London to host RFID show

RFID Smart Labels Europe 2006 is the seventh annual outing for Europe's most established and important RFID show.

News from IDTechEx (24 March 2006)

Certification course expands RFID knowledge

RFID4U, in partnership with RFIP Training, is rolling out its CompTIA RFID+ certification course in the UK starting May 2006.

News from RFIP Solutions (24 March 2006)

Seminar to focus on ESD prevention

Electrostatic discharge prevention in electronics manufacture is the theme of the BECA one-day seminar to be held on Tuesday 23rd May 2006.

News from British Electrostatic Control Association (23 March 2006)

Guidebook gets exhibitors ready for EDS

A new guidebook has been published by the Electronic Components, Assemblies and Materials Association as a service to EDS exhibitors.

News from ECA (23 March 2006)

Microsoft's Barrett to present opening keyno