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Touchscreens and touch sensors

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Touchscreens and touch sensors

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Latest articles from 'Touchscreens and touch sensors'

  • LCD TFTs have wide viewing angles
  • Capacitive touch controllers give tactile feedback
  • Atmel Maxtouch powers smartphone touch screen
  • Fanless panel PC powered by TI 600MHz processor
  • Rugged multi-touch PCTs have sunlight readability

News releases from this sub-category

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LCD TFTs have wide viewing angles

Densitron has added 10 new models to its range of industrial-grade Seiko Instruments (SII) TFTs that utilise LCD technologies to provide display solutions for a variety of different applications.

News from Densitron Display Solutions, Apr 22, 2011

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Capacitive touch controllers give tactile feedback

Atmel has integrated haptics capability to its Qtouch capacitive touch controllers to support buttons, sliders and wheels (BSWs), with the aim of giving customers a richer experience.

News from Atmel, Apr 22, 2011

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Atmel Maxtouch powers smartphone touch screen

Microcontroller and touch solution provider Atmel has announced that Fujitsu has selected the Atmel Maxtouch solution to power the touch screen for Docomo's Regza phone T-01C.

News from Atmel, Mar 29, 2011

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Fanless panel PC powered by TI 600MHz processor

GSR is introducing the Aaeon fanless AHP-1070 panel PC powered by the latest TI Omap 600MHz processor with integrated the LCD/CRT controller and 128MB RAM LP DDR system memory.

News from GSR Technology, Mar 22, 2011

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Rugged multi-touch PCTs have sunlight readability

Densitron has introduced a series of Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCTs) that require only the slightest touch (near 0g activation force) to function.

News from Densitron Display Solutions, Mar 16, 2011

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TFT display modules enable sunlight-readable apps

Hitachi Display Products has introduced two ultra-high brightness (UHB) TFT display modules that are suited for sunlight-readable applications.

News from Hitachi Display Products, Mar 4, 2011

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Anders introduces full custom TFT module service

Anders Electronic has announced the launch of a custom TFT module service, offering the design, development and manufacturing of TFT displays with minimum order quantities from 800 units per month.

News from Anders Electronics, Mar 2, 2011

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Touch-screen controller works with gloved hands

At Mobile World Congress 2011, Maxim Integrated Products is demonstrating Max11855 and Max11871, projected capacitive touch-screen controllers offering four-point and 10-point touch detection.

News from Maxim Integrated Products, Feb 28, 2011

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Touch screen displays suit harsh environments

VIA Technologies has announced the Vid series of industrial-class touch screen displays, designed for a range of modern interactive kiosk, POI and POS embedded systems.

News from VIA Technologies, Feb 23, 2011

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PCT touch sensors improve displays' resilience

Zytronic has announced Mentor Distribution as a commercial partner making use of its proprietary Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) touch sensors and accompanying touch controllers.

News from Zytronic, Feb 23, 2011

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Zytronic sensors used at Natural History Museum

Zytronic's touch sensors, which utilise the company's Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT), have been integrated into a new educational tool unveiled by the Natural History Museum.

News from Zytronic, Feb 9, 2011

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Touch-screen monitors target digital signage

Caltron has released the IPR-2206O and IPS-2206O touch-screen monitors for digital signage.

News from Caltron Industries, Jan 31, 2011

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Cypress touchscreen used in KDDI smartphone

Cypress Semiconductor has announced that its Truetouch touchscreen solution implements the multi-touch touchscreen in the new IS03 smartphone from KDDI.

News from Cypress Semiconductor, Jan 6, 2011

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TFT touch-panel PC for POS/kiosk applications

Avalue Technology has introduced the FPC-08W05, an 8.9in WSVGA TFT touch-panel PC that can be wall mounted or integrated as an HMI, food service panel PC or POS/kiosk display system.

News from Avalue Technology, Dec 16, 2010

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HMI touch panel suitable for factory automation

Aaeon's AHP-1081 is a slim and compact HMI touch panel that is suitable for factory automation, home automation, POS and HMI applications.

News from Aaeon, Dec 10, 2010

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Touch-screen technology for screens up to 5in

IDT has announced what is said to be the world's first true single-layer multi-touch projected capacitive touch-screen technology for screen sizes up to 5in.

News from IDT, Dec 9, 2010

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Atmel offers chipsets for 15in touchscreens

Atmel has announced that it is shipping production quantities of the Atmel Maxtouch mXT1386 and mXT616 chipsets for large touchscreens up to 15in.

News from Atmel, Dec 7, 2010

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RDS monitor kit suited for mobile applications

Review Display Systems' 7in monitor kit comprises of a high-spec WVGA TFT panel and associated driver card, allowing both video and VGA input, and making it ideal for mobile applications.

News from Review Display Systems, Dec 7, 2010

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Heavy-duty touchscreen for interactive displays

Zytronic, with its systems integration partner JEA Technologies, has brought heavy-duty touchscreen functionality to its J-Vue interactive display units, for customer use in supermarkets and banks.

News from Zytronic, Nov 24, 2010

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Kontron launches panel PC for medical industry

At the Medica 2010 trade show in Dusseldorf, Kontron announced the fanless Medi Client IIA, a compact and long-term available medical panel PC with 10.4in or 15in touch screen.

News from Kontron, Nov 23, 2010

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Touch controller designed for ultra-large formats

Developed for Zytronic's proprietary range of touch sensors, the ZXY100/128 touch controller supports touchscreens greater than 50in (126cm) across.

News from Zytronic, Nov 15, 2010

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NEC TFT display provides long-term stability

Review Display Systems has introduced a 12.1in SVGA TFT display for applications that need long-term supply.

News from Review Display Systems, Nov 8, 2010

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Display features in-plane switching technology

GPEG has announced a 9.7in display with IPS technology together with XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution for use in medical equipment, retail devices, web tablets and larger hand-held products.

News from GPEG, Nov 1, 2010

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Touch-screen panel PC features ultra-slim design

Datasound Laboratories (DSL) launches an ultra-slim (72mm or less) analogue resistive touch-screen panel PC range for automation control and analytical applications.

News from Datasound Laboratories, Oct 28, 2010

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Monitors enable creation of virtual graphics card

Users that do not have dual-display graphics card availability or a free VGA port can now obtain full graphics functionality by connecting GPEG's 7 or 10.1in USB-enabled monitors.

News from GPEG, Oct 18, 2010

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Showing 1-25 of 379 articles

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Touchscreens and touch sensors

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