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Tactile switches are tuned for sound

C+K is also able to ensure continuity of sound when a printed circuit board is populated with a number of switches.

News from C+K Components (12 December 2007)

Easy installation for modular keypad

From access control and industrial machinery to banking and payment terminals, the M.series keypad is suitable for almost any environment or application.  Brochure available  

News from EAO (10 December 2007)

Tact switches are small and reliable

KMT tact switches have been designed to meet the twin demands of miniaturisation and ultrahigh reliability.

News from C+K Components ( 3 December 2007)

Keyboard goes online for communications

The Electrone 720 TCP offers resellers, system integrators and end-users a low-cost solution for a host of specialist applications.

News from Electrone Europe (30 November 2007)

Rocker switch handles harsh conditions

Single-pole sealed rocker switch employs advanced haptic technology to ensure maximum user control, comfort and feedback.

News from Quadrant Connections (29 November 2007)