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Prototyping trends in keypads and overlays

Paul Bennett, Managing Director of Fascia Graphics, discusses why businesses are demanding rapid digital prototypes.  Brochure available  

News from Fascia Graphics (14 August 2007)

New company focuses switch industry expertise

The roots of C+K are rich, with over 150 years of technology innovation.

News from C&K Components ( 8 August 2007)

RoHS-compliant keypad incorporates graphical LCD

Keypads help equipment designers and systems integrators comply with environmental directives.

News from Electrone Europe (27 July 2007)

Pushbutton is hand in glove with medical design

 User application article   Tastitalia continues to penetrate the medical device market with new designs using the patented Duraswitch PushGate pushbutton technology.

News from InPlay Technologies, Duraswitch Division (25 July 2007)

Distribution deal is on the (push)button

Idec has appointed Live Electronics as a UK distributor to focus on miniature and subminiature control units, including pushbuttons, pilot lights, key and selector switches.  Brochure available