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Metal keyboards are easy to integrate

EAO offers a simple top mounting metal keyboard that can be integrated onto any surface type.  Brochure available  

News from EAO (13 November 2006)

Input devices provide three-way switching

Tiny input devices combine swing and push operation to provide three-way operation (forward, backward and centre-push switching functions) with a single knob.

News from Alps Electric (UK) ( 7 November 2006)

Keyboards clean up on hospital super-bugs

 User application article   University College London Hospitals estimates that Medigenic keyboards could save the UK National Health Service millions of pounds in the battle against super-bugs.

News from Advanced Input Systems ( 6 November 2006)

Dual inline switches cover a wide range

CIT Relay and Switch reckons it offers the broadest line of dual inline switches available in the industry.

News from CIT Relay and Switch ( 3 November 2006)

Membrane switch assemblies made to measure

Miller Dial regularly conducts membrane switch projects that include custom design, PCBs, backplates, custom moulded boxes, precision colour matching and complete in-house circuit testing.

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