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Custom keyboards gain backlight option

Devlin Electronics has developed a new backlit keyboard option, specifically designed for low-light applications.

News from Devlin Electronics (14 July 2004)

Miniature pushbuttons suit professional equipment

The PS150 Series of high-quality, miniature pushbutton switches are just 7 x 7mm wide, with a low-profile 5mm-high body, and a 10mm overall height.

News from Devlin Electronics (13 July 2004)

Emergency stop switch offers light relief

EAO has extended its Series 84 industrial switch range to include a compact, illuminated emergency-stop switch.  Brochure available  

News from EAO ( 6 July 2004)

Pushbuttons and pilot devices fit 16mm cutouts

Idec has a comprehensive range of 16mm hole fixing miniature pushbuttons and pilot devices, available in different styles, shapes, colours and voltages.

News from Idec Europe ( 2 July 2004)

Novel switch goes both ways to save space

A novel space-saving two-way switch allows designers to replace two SPST normally open switches with one device designed to detect lateral movements in two directions.

News from Matsushita Electric Works UK (28 June 2004)