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Pinout options provide flexible switch layout

New cost-effective rotary DIP switches from Omron are offered in four different styles and two different standard PCB layouts, giving a wide range of options in application.

News from Omron Electronics (29 January 2003)

Utek to headhunt technology for Duraswitch

Duraswitch Industries and Utek Corp have signed a strategic alliance agreement.

News from Duraswitch (27 January 2003)

Danielson licenses switch technology

Duraswitch has executed a nonexclusive license agreement with Sweden-based Danielson Group.

News from Duraswitch (20 January 2003)

Five in one from multifunction tact switch

New from Knitter Switch is the TSSJ-2 multifunction tact switch.

News from Knitter Switch (17 January 2003)

Multidirectional switch boosts cursor interaction

As the exclusive Canadian licensee of Duraswitch technologies, GGI is offering one of the most innovative multidirectional switch technologies the industry has to offer.

News from GGI International (16 January 2003)

A switch of brands

Micromark C and CD has added a wide collection of switches to its current electromechanical product