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Short-travel keyboards find industrial uses

Diamond Electronics is to offer the German-made Indukey range of industrial keyboards.

News from Diamond Electronics (22 January 2002)

Fast turnaround for custom keypad designs

Stortech Electronics can now offer a keypad manufacturing service to industrial OEMs.

News from Stortech Electronics (22 January 2002)

Aerco and Honeywell extend relationship

Aerco has extended its distribution relationship with Honeywell and is now to act as a major stocking distributor for the general range of Honeywell switch products.

News from Aerco (21 January 2002)

Improvements to panel switches

Omron has added optional screwless clamp terminals to its A16 range of pushbutton switches, making build and servicing of all types of switch panels faster and more convenient.

News from Omron Electronics (16 January 2002)

Tiny switch suits handheld equipment

KSU top-actuated ultra-miniature detect switches from ITT Industries, Cannon feature a light actuation force of 0.7N without tactile effect and are totally protected against overload conditions.  Brochure available  

News from ITT Industries, Cannon (