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Other OEM Display Modules and Meters

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UK display innovation showcased in York

ZBD Displays will present the story of its success at the annual conference for the British Liquid Crystal Society at the University of York.

News from ZBD Displays (11 April 2006)

New line to increase capacity by 50%

Pelikon has invested GBP 500,000 in a new manufacturing line which will increase its production capacity by 50%.

News from Pelikon (16 March 2006)

EL lamps aid handset miniaturisation

 User application article   Increasing numbers of Durel DFLX EL lamps and drivers are being designed into new cellphones, as mobile phone manufacturers place greater and greater emphasis on reducing size and weight.

News from Rogers Corp ( 2 March 2006)

OLED module has colourful highlights

The three area colours of red, green and blue in the new LPSF096063A00-GB OLED module can be individually addressed, enabling icons to be highlighted at the top of the display.  Brochure available  

News from Digital Displays (17 February 2006)

OLED drops in to replace 2.7in LCDs

A new 2.7in OLED module offers an easy upgrade path from LCD modules that are thicker and heavier and also require a backlight.