Heatsinks and thermal management

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Heatsinks and thermal management

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Latest articles from 'Heatsinks and thermal management'

News releases from this sub-category

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Outdoor cooler uses bi-polar thermostatic control

Laird Technologies has announced the release of its outdoor thermoelectric cooler series with bi-polar thermostatic control.

News from Laird Technologies, Dec 24, 2010

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EMI shielding for medical device enclosures

Chomerics Europe - a division of Parker Hannifin - has launched Soft-Shield 4850, an EMI shielding material that is suitable for medical applications using electronics equipment for patient care.

News from Chomerics, Nov 19, 2010

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Mosfet packaging features top-side cooling

In order to meet the needs for high current capability, high efficiency and smaller form factors, Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the Dual Cool packaging for Mosfets.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Oct 29, 2010

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Heat sinks have good heat-dissipation properties

Amec Thermasol has launched a range of micro porous ceramic heat sinks (MPCHS) for high-volume applications such as LED/LCD TVs, computer monitors, set-top boxes, motherboards, media players and more.

News from Amec Thermasol, Sep 30, 2010

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Thermal gap filler has low out-gassing properties

Laird Technologies has released the Tflex XS400 series thermal gap filler designed for telecom, IT, consumer, automotive, LED and power supply applications.

News from Laird Technologies, Sep 23, 2010

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Laird unveils Cascade TEAs for wireless products

Laird Technologies has released its enhanced Cascade Series Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs) for advanced electronics and wireless products.

News from Laird Technologies, Aug 11, 2010

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Heater extends operating temperature of LCDs

Therma Klear transparent heaters from Dontech are said to be ideal for applications including avionics displays, vehicle displays, mobile computers, kiosks and handheld devices.

News from Dontech, Jul 21, 2010

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Thermal-Clad HPL simplifies design and assembly

Bergquist's HPL dielectric for thermal-clad substrates is optimised for high-power LED lighting and other applications requiring enhanced heat-transfer efficiency.

News from Bergquist, May 14, 2010

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Sharp LEDs offer 40,000-hour service life at +80C

All light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from Sharp Microelectronics have a specified service life of 40,000 operating hours at a substrate temperature of +80C.

News from Sharp Microelectronics, Apr 8, 2010

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ATS heat sinks cool ICs in low-airflow conditions

Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced a line of lower-height Maxiflow heat sinks for cooling ICs and other hot components in narrow packaging and low-airflow-velocity conditions.

News from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Jan 14, 2010

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EMKA releases fire-resistant self-adhesive gaskets

EMKA has announced that its 1016 self-adhesive gasket is available in fire-resistant versions to UL94 VO and 94HB ratings, and in EMC formats to address electrical and magnetic interference.

News from EMKA UK, Jan 5, 2010

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Laird modifies TEAs with cross-flow technology

Laird has released its modified Tunnel Series Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs), designed with a cross-flow technology to maximise heat transfer when pulling air through a heat exchanger.

News from Laird Technologies, Dec 15, 2009

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Gap fillers suit silicone-sensitive applications

MHandW International has added TP-S3LS ultra-low-silicone gap fillers to its line of thermal interface materials.

News from MH and W, Oct 23, 2009

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Schroff dehumidifier protects from condensation

Schroff has launched a dehumidifier system that is designed to remove moisture from the air within an enclosure to protect electronic and electrical components from condensation.

News from Schroff UK, Oct 12, 2009

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Winshield C is chemical and scratch resistant

Chomerics Europe, a division of Parker Hannifin, has introduced Winshield C, a shielded window display material that is said to offer a range of benefits compared with existing solutions.

News from Chomerics Europe, Sep 22, 2009

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Crydom offers range of SSR/heat-sink assemblies

Crydom, a unit of Custom Sensors and Technologies (CST) and a specialist in solid-state-relay (SSR) technology, has introduced a line of heat sinks and SSR/heat-sink assemblies and accessories.

News from Crydom International, Aug 3, 2009

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Laird unveils outdoor cooler assemblies

Laird Technologies has announced the introduction of its modified Air-to-Air outdoor thermoelectric cooler assemblies.

News from Laird Technologies, Jul 27, 2009

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Precision cooling unit is designed for servers

Emerson Network Power has announced Liebert CRV, a new precision cooling unit designed for servers located in the server rooms and data centres of SMBs.

News from Emerson Network Power Adaptive Power and Cooling, Jul 24, 2009

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Chomerics unveils Therm-A-Gap T652 gap filler

Chomerics Europe, a division of Parker Hannifin, has introduced a thermally conductive dispensable gap filler that results in much lower stress being exerted on delicate components.

News from Chomerics Europe, Jun 24, 2009

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Bergquist pre-applies Bond-Ply 450 to PCBs

Bergquist has introduced its T-Clad metal-core PCB circuits pre-applied with Bond-Ply 450 adhesive tape.

News from Bergquist Company, Feb 23, 2009

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MHandW offers nanocrystalline cores

MHandW has unveiled nanocrystalline cores for use as common-mode chokes to reduce the build volume of damaging motor bearing currents in high-power inverters and turbine generator drives.

News from MH+W International Corporation, Feb 6, 2009

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Chomerics releases Cho-Seal 1270

Chomerics Europe, a division of Parker Hannifin, has introduced an ultra-soft moulded elastomer EMI shielding gasket.

News from Chomerics Europe, Jan 14, 2009

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MH and W launches Keratherm interface material

Keratherm U 90 thermal interface material is designed for use where contamination concerns prohibit the use of silicone-based thermal pads, but where high levels of thermal conductivity are needed.

News from MH+W International Corporation, Dec 24, 2008

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Chomerics adds materials to range

Chomerics Europe has added materials to its range of electrically conductive form-in-place (FIP) gaskets.

News from Chomerics Europe, Dec 17, 2008

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Bergquist releases thermal-clad IMS

The Bergquist Company has introduced ready-to-use thermal-clad insulated metal substrates (IMS) in standard star, square, array or strip formats.

News from Bergquist Company, Dec 12, 2008

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Showing 1-25 of 214 articles

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Heatsinks and thermal management

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