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News releases from this sub-category

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Fan provides airflow for POS and banking systems

Aerco has announced the availability of the AD 12025 high-performance, slim-line DC fan from Adda that provides airflow for large cabinets, enclosures and equipment found in telecommunication systems.

News from Aerco, Apr 22, 2011

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Rittal offers integrated concept for data centres

An integrated overall concept for modern data centres, 'Rittal - The System' offers support for the active and passive side of a data centre with five perfectly matched modules.

News from Rittal, Mar 22, 2011

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AC fan cost-effectively cools large cabinets

The AK28089 is an AC fan from Adda, available in the UK from Aerco, that is suitable for cost-effective cooling of large cabinets, racks and enclosures.

News from Aerco, Feb 4, 2011

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DC axial fan delivers airflow of 41.83 litres/s

Aerco has announced a high-performance DC axial fan for use in applications such as spot-cooling systems, medical instrumentation, desktop instrumentation and office equipment such as printers.

News from Aerco, Nov 29, 2010

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Axial equipment fan is ideal for power supplies

Aerco is offering the AS8038, a 12V DC, 80 x 80 x 38mm axial equipment fan from ADDA that is ideal for use in power supplies, industrial and commercial computer cabinets, and server enclosures.

News from Aerco, Nov 1, 2010

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Rittal system conditions air in computer rooms

Rittal's Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) system draws in warm air from the server enclosures at the top of the unit and cools it with water or Dx Refrigerant R407c in a closed heat exchanger.

News from Rittal, Oct 18, 2010

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Fans target densely packed electronic enclosures

Aerco's range of extra-deep fans is designed to give maximum performance in applications that require high airflow in high-pressure environments such as modern, densely packed electronic enclosures.

News from Aerco, Oct 4, 2010

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Cooling package designed for MicroTCA applications

The Compact Cooling Package (CCP) from Rittal is designed for use in MicroTCA applications where significant amounts of heat are being generated to provide targeted cooling.

News from Rittal, Jun 30, 2010

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Activa fans feature special monitoring functions

Arun Components has extended the Activa range of fans with special monitoring functions, with AC fans with frame sizes of 92mm or 120mm square or circular 254mm available.

News from Arun Components, Jun 28, 2010

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Sunon showcases heat-dissipation technology

Sunon is to display mini fans, LED thermal modules for applications in the automotive and IT industries, and more at Computex Tapei 2010.

News from Sunon, May 28, 2010

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ADDA DC fans are available in two frame sizes

Aerco is now offering ADDA DC fans that can be built in 38mm x 38mm x 28mm and 38mm x 38mm x 48mm frame sizes, suitable for cooling equipment built into IU rack-mounting trays.

News from Aerco, Apr 21, 2010

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Low-vibration fans cool 19in rack-mounted servers

Aerco has introduced a range of Delta low-vibration fans that address air flow, vibration and energy consumption when cooling 19in 1U rack-mounted servers.

News from Aerco, Dec 10, 2009

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Sunon fan meets cooling efficiency requirements

The Sunon Power Motor Fan 40 x 40 x 56mm is designed for 1U rack servers with strict requirements for cooling efficiency.

News from Sunon, Nov 30, 2009

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Motor fan resists dust and prevents oil leakage

The Sunon DR Maglev Motor Fan uses the Maglev technology and incorporates new design features to increase dust resistance and prevent oil leakage.

News from Sunon, Oct 6, 2009

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Verotec offers 19in 1U standard fan trays

Verotec has introduced a range of 19in (48cm) 1U standard fan trays designed to provide the localised cooling of 19in rack-mounted or desktop equipment.

News from Verotec, Sep 16, 2009

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RS introduces Ebm-Papst fans and fan controllers

RS Components has announced a further expansion of its range of thermal management products with the addition of fans and fan controllers from Ebm-Papst.

News from RS Components UK, Sep 10, 2009

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Fan cools densely packed enclosures

A high-performance DC fan from ADDA that is suitable for cooling densely packed enclosures is now available in the UK from Aerco.

News from Aerco, Aug 5, 2009

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Bearing technology provides extended fan life

Now available in the UK from Aerco, the AUB series of DC fans from Delta incorporate bearing technology to provide a life of 50,000 hours measured with L10 at 40C.

News from Aerco, Jul 16, 2009

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Sunon introduces latest Super Green Fan

Sunon has developed the latest generation of the 40mm x 40mm x 28mm Super Green Fan (SG4028).

News from Sunon, Jun 29, 2009

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ME Maglev fans maximise air flow

Sunon has brought out the ME series of Maglev fans, which features a new bearing system to maximise the air flow and the fan operating-life.

News from Sunon, May 28, 2009

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Fan cools servers more efficiently

Sunon has introduced the Power Motor 4056 server fan, for 1U rack servers with strict requirements for cooling efficiency.

News from Sunon, May 20, 2009

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Delta FFB 1012EHE fan cools small enclosures

Aerco has released the Delta FFB 1012EHE, a 12V DC axial equipment fan that has a frame size of 100 x 100 x 38mm, allowing optimised cooling of small enclosures.

News from Aerco, May 7, 2009

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Knight launches OEM support services

Knight Electronics has announced a programme that is designed to support OEM customers who sourced products overseas, but didn't achieve the cost savings or product quality they expected.

News from Knight Electronics, Feb 2, 2009

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Green fans produce more pressure with less power

Dual-blade design with improved aerodynamics avoids airflow separation and results in more efficient performance, saving energy while reducing operating noise levels.

News from Aerco, Aug 21, 2008

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Fan trays cool a full rack width

Fan trays can be used with 19in desktop enclosures or to provide forced cooling through the active area of any subrack in a standard 19in rack or cabinet.

News from Verotec, Jul 15, 2008

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Showing 1-25 of 241 articles

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