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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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Enclosures come with accessories ready fitted

Users of the Spacial 3D range of wall-mounting enclosures from Sarel can now save valuable assembly time by purchasing the enclosures prefitted with accessories of their choice.

News from Sarel, Jan 8, 2003

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"Roll your own" rack-mount PC housing

Rittal Electronic Systems has a range of 19in rack-mount housings for AT, ATX and mini ATX main board computers.

News from Rittal, Dec 18, 2002

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Segmented server housing secures sensitive systems

APW Enclosure Products has expanded its IMserv server rack family.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Dec 3, 2002

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Enclosure doors slam shut for safety

A new range of wall-mounting sheet-steel enclosures features a special slam-shut double-safety locking system, which fully conforms with CNOMO standards for use in the automotive industry.

News from Sarel, Nov 19, 2002

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Enclosure solutions for comms infrastructure

The Sarel telecomms range now includes steel and GRP metering cabinets, small rack-type enclosures for SOHO applications, 19in rack enclosures and floor-standing networking racks from 24 to 47U.

News from Sarel, Nov 13, 2002

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Free next-day UK delivery for racks

The Rittal FastRack Platinum service now offers free next day standard delivery on all stock items for orders placed before 4pm.

News from Rittal, Oct 31, 2002

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Outsourcing enclosure customisation and assembly

If production volumes are likely to be high enough, a bespoke enclosure can always be manufactured to suit the application, says Graham Fox, MD of Spelsberg UK.

News from Spelsberg UK, Oct 28, 2002

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Smart choice for enclosures

The Cannon Smart Cab is a new generation cabinet, designed to provide ease of management for computer and networking requirements.

News from Wadsworth Electronics, Oct 24, 2002

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Custom aluminium enclosures solve design dilemmas

The heat transfer characteristics of aluminium, the electrical conductivity, and the economies of sand castings combine to present some very useful benefits in the design of enclosures and chassis.

News from Norse Precision Castings, Oct 18, 2002

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Enclosure users misread IP ratings

Brian O'Donoghue, chairman of the GAMBICA enclosures group, reports that there is widespread confusion among enclosure users about the meaning and scope of the widely used IP rating system.

News from Sarel, Sep 18, 2002

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Modular security system enhanced

APW Enclosure Products has updated and enhanced its IMsuite modular security system that delineates and segregates individual areas within data centres, ISP hosts and other multi-user environments.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Sep 10, 2002

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Guide to customised enclosures

The latest publication from Sarel gives comprehensive details of its extensive range of customised sheet-steel, stainless-steel and GRP enclosures.

News from Sarel, Aug 7, 2002

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Robust protection in small offices

Designed to meet the needs of the small office/home office market, CaSys SOHO enclosures are ideal for all types of tertiary installations involving up to 36 connections.

News from Sarel, Jul 30, 2002

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Enclosures feature climate control

Fully assembled and ready for immediate operation, Rittal's range of climate control enclosures and doors provide the ideal solution for the integration of enclosures and active climate control.

News from Rittal, Jul 10, 2002

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General-purpose frame provides all-round access

The IMnet GPF open frame is the latest addition to the comprehensive IMnet networking enclosure family from APW Standard Products.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Jul 3, 2002

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Enclosures save space in industrial computing

Rittal has extended its range of 19in rack-mounted systems for industrial computing with space-saving 1 and 2U housings for ATX, Mini-ATX and Micro-ATX computer main board configurations.

News from Rittal, Jun 14, 2002

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Server racks aid access and airflow

A new range of server racks have been designed to protect powerful active electronic components from unauthorised intervention, allow maintenance work to be carried out with minimum interference.

News from Rittal, Jun 14, 2002

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Customised enclosures speed panel production

Customised sheet-steel enclosures from Sarel have made it possible for one of the UK's most experienced panel builders, to manufacture 500 control panels in just eight weeks.

News from Sarel, Jun 11, 2002

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Rugged chests form economical housings

Strongbox has a new range of equipment chests that forms an ideal low-cost portable housing system for small audiovisual or background music systems and similar applications.

News from Strongbox Broadcast Products, Jun 7, 2002

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Mid-size enclosure plugs a gap in the range

The latest addition to APW's IMnet family is the IMnet 610, a 12, 17 and 22U high entry-level but fully featured floor standing mid-sized enclosure aimed at the SME sector.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Jun 5, 2002

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Deeper cabinets serve to house more

New from Hulasi Metals, Hanut "extra-deep" server cabinets are designed to meet the rack installation and housing requirements of rack-mountable servers and other IT equipment like switches and hubs.

News from Hulasi Metals, May 29, 2002

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Explore adhesion and bonding to polyolefins

Many applications of polyolefins require good adhesion to other substrates. A report discusses ways of improving adhesion to substrates.

News from Rapra Technology, May 28, 2002

Adapter puts different servers in one enclosure

A novel universal mounting rail enables designers to mount different servers in a single rack or enclosure.

News from Rittal, May 21, 2002

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One-stop shop for custom enclosures

CTL Components is now offering a "one stop shop" for the design and manufacture of custom enclosures and front panels.

News from CTL Components, May 10, 2002

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O'Donoghue in the chair again

Brian O'Donoghue, Strategic Marketing Manager of Sarel, has been elected Chairman of the GAMBICA Electrical and Electronic Enclosure Group.

News from Sarel, May 10, 2002

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Showing 176-200 of 262 articles

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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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