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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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Enclosure marries polyurethane with aluminium

A minimal footprint and smooth lines were the key considerations in the design of a stylish enclosure for CellMap, Bio-Rad's laser scanning confocal imaging system.

News from Norse Precision Castings, Oct 10, 2003

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Enclosures have network infrastructure covered

The new 2003 edition of the VDI and electronic networks enclosure catalogue from Sarel provides users with a wider choice of more versatile products than ever before.

News from Sarel, Oct 8, 2003

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Customised enclosures gain racks and subracks

Boss Enclosures is offering a new range of services to complement its enclosure manufacturing in Suffolk.

News from Boss Enclosures, Sep 24, 2003

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Heavy-duty rack opens up equipment access

A new heavy-duty open frame rack provides easy equipment access and essential space for positioning and securing LAN and WAN equipment, phone and voice mail equipment, routers and servers.

News from Hoffman, Sep 19, 2003

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Server chassis is a tough customer

The Hanut 4U entry server chassis is an ideal platform for building Intel Pentium 4 based servers and workstations.

News from Hulasi Metals, Sep 10, 2003

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Enclosures are good fit for software developer

Veritas Software has moved into a brand new UK development located in Green Park, Reading, and has standardised on Paramount and IMserv enclosures in its data centre and support laboratories.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Aug 20, 2003

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Enclosure catalogue boasts 560 pages of data

The new 560-page catalogue from Sarel is an indispensable aid to fast and easy product selection for all who are involved in specifying or purchasing enclosures.

News from Sarel, Aug 13, 2003

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Plinth stabilises heavy server enclosures

Rittal has addressed an important health and safety issue with the launch of a new accessory for server enclosures.

News from Rittal, Aug 4, 2003

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19in cabinets cut costs in dense applications

Elma Electronic has expanded its 19in cabinet range with three new families aimed at high-density applications such as servers, with options for advanced sealing and EMC screening.

News from Elma Electronic UK, Jul 14, 2003

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High quality enclosures reduce installation effort

A new family of 19in floor-standing and wall-mounted enclosures has been introduced by networking specialist Wadsworth Electronics to ensure reduced installation effort and costs.

News from Wadsworth Electronics, Jun 24, 2003

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Fast delivery for flexible instrument racks

A new range of instrument racks incorporates many new design features that improve system flexibility, maximise the cable aperture access space for the rack width and make baying simpler.

News from Strongbox Broadcast Products, Jun 23, 2003

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Enclosures in stainless steel

Rittal's successful TS8 enclosure range is now available in grade 304 stainless steel.

News from Rittal, Jun 11, 2003

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Custom enclosures enhance performance

Cost-effective custom enclosures, tailored to meet the most diverse and demanding individual applications, can now be supplied by EC Electronics using its K-Box system.

News from EC Electronics, May 27, 2003

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GRP enclosures solve corrosion conundrum

Enclosure users requiring economical products which will give long, trouble-free service outdoors and in other demanding environments should consider specifying GRP, rather than steel.

News from Sarel, May 19, 2003

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Enclosures optimised for networking

At Networks for Business 2003, APW Enclosure Products will show its comprehensive range optimised for use by the networking community.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, May 13, 2003

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New source for data cabinets

Wadsworth Electronics has been appointed as an accredited UK distributor for Prism Data Cabinets.

News from Wadsworth Electronics, May 13, 2003

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Custom route to electronics enclosures

Specialist contract manufacturer EC Electronics has entered into a partnership deal with Boss Enclosures to distribute its complete range of 19in racks and smaller enclosures.

News from EC Electronics, Apr 24, 2003

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Polyurethane case combines function with style

Moulded at room temperature, rigid polyurethane is highly fluid, with exceptional ability to form complex three-dimensional patterns to near net shape.

News from Norse Precision Castings, Apr 23, 2003

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Interactive tools speed enclosure selection

Sarel reckons its new website makes it easier than ever to choose the best and most economical enclosure solution for virtually any application.

News from Sarel, Apr 10, 2003

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Front panels styled in rigid polyurethane

When it came to choice of materials for the front panels of Drake's Refresh Range of voice communication modules, rigid polyurethane offered the ability to cope with shape without compromising cost.

News from Norse Precision Castings, Mar 27, 2003

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GRP enclosures include ATEX certification

Weidmuller has extended its newly relaunched range of competitively priced POK enclosures with a new ATEX certified model in black, featuring graphite-filled body material.

News from Weidmuller (UK), Mar 18, 2003

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Corrosion limits steel enclosures

Specifying a high-quality paint finish for sheet-steel enclosures which are to be used outdoors may not be enough to prevent costly damage from rust and other forms of corrosion.

News from Sarel, Mar 14, 2003

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Cost-effective entry-level 19in cabinet

IMstart is a cost-effective entry-level 19in cabinet designed to serve the requirements of the traditional 19in rack user in general applications such as electronics, broadcast and instrumentation.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Mar 4, 2003

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Innovative enclosure solutions at CeBIT

Rittal will once again use CeBIT as the launch vehicle for a host of innovative solutions.

News from Rittal, Feb 25, 2003

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Rack-mount housings on the spot

Rittal's new catalogue "Spot on solutions" contains details of its full range of ruggedised 19in rack-mount computer housings.

News from Rittal, Jan 13, 2003

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Showing 151-175 of 262 articles

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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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