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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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Flexible configuration for novel cabinet range

A new cabinet platform can be specific when there are application issues and flexible where the application has to be variable due to technical or cost reasons.

News from Schroff UK, Apr 11, 2005

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Catalogue details cabinets and enclosures

Enclosure manufacturer ETA has issued a new 2005-06 general enclosures catalogue that details its entire range of cabinets, enclosure solutions and accessories.

News from ETA Enclosures (UK), Mar 30, 2005

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One-stop system solution for IT infrastructure

RimatriX5 is an integrated overall concept for modern data centres with comprehensive service and five matched IT modules: rack, power, cooling, security as well as monitoring and remote management.

News from Rittal, Mar 22, 2005

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Enclosures keep their cool

A new enclosure incorporates innovative cooling technology that helps designers deploy high power densities in uncontrolled environments such as industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.

News from American Power Conversion, Mar 21, 2005

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Instrument racks take security onboard

Now available from Boss Enclosures is a range of high quality, 19in racks with the option of a secure access entry control system.

News from Boss Enclosures, Mar 3, 2005

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Partnership to provide integrated system solutions

Hybricon and ACT/Technico have formed a strategic partnership to provide integrated system solutions to the telecomms, military, medical imaging and semiconductor equipment manufacturing industries.

News from Hybricon Corp, Feb 8, 2005

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Compact towers keep hot boards cooler

Hybricon Corp has released a new line of nine-slot portable towers designed for today's high power boards.

News from Hybricon Corp, Feb 4, 2005

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Enclosures go flat to ease shipping

All sizes of APW Enclosure Solutions' Image 620 are now available as pack flat versions, enabling transportation costs to be significantly reduced on long-haul deliveries.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Jan 31, 2005

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Grey is the new beige

From 1st February 2005 Eurobex's standard metric products will be powder coated RAL7035 grey instead of RAL7032 beige.

News from Eurobex Manufacturing, Jan 10, 2005

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Range serves up solutions for any VDI application

Sarel reckons its latest CaSys range of racks and enclosures offers solutions for every VDI application.

News from Sarel, Dec 14, 2004

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Expansion aims to increase production capacity

Eurobex Manufacturing is currently building a 1500m2 expansion to its Blainville, Quebec, headquarters.

News from Eurobex Manufacturing, Dec 9, 2004

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Instant online quotes for racks

A new online quoting facility from Rittal offers prospective customers the ability to configure a rack solution tailor made to their specification then receive a quote via e-mail within seconds.

News from Rittal, Nov 10, 2004

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Enclosures come with connectors pre-installed

Pomona Electronics can now supply its boxes and enclosures with connectors pre-installed.

News from Pomona Electronics, Oct 19, 2004

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Flexible configuration for electronics rack

Eurobex Manufacturing now produces a complete line of industrial electronic racks.

News from Eurobex Manufacturing, Oct 15, 2004

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Cabinet cooling solutions come to the UK

ETA (UK) and specialist cabinet cooling technologist MKS of Italy have entered into an agreement to supply cabinet cooling solutions to the UK market.

News from ETA Enclosures (UK), Sep 21, 2004

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Cabinets come with accessories pre-assembled

ETA reports that more than 50% of its cabinet sales carry some level of pre-assembled accessories.

News from ETA Enclosures (UK), Sep 20, 2004

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Enclosure range gains stainless options

Italian enclosure manufacturer ETA has a new and innovative range of stainless-steel enclosure solutions.

News from ETA Enclosures (UK), Sep 14, 2004

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Guide is essential for enclosure selection

A new 8-page overview and selection guide is an essential product selector for all specifiers and installers concerned with electronic and electrical enclosures, cabinets and system solutions.

News from ETA Enclosures (UK), Sep 14, 2004

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Aluminium has the edge in thermal management

Although aluminium lies fourth after silver, copper and gold in the league of heat conduction, take into account its economy and ease of production, and it rises to the top.

News from Norse Precision Castings, Sep 9, 2004

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Console enclosure adds a new slant

The 5412 ESCS is a NEMA 4-12 console top enclosure available in 54 sizes from 24 x 12 x 6 to 42 x 36 x 16in.

News from Eurobex Manufacturing, Sep 7, 2004

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Inner duct boosts cabling density

MaxCell is a geo-textile inner-duct that allows network operators to release capacity in their duct networks, in some cases doubling or even trebling the number of cables to be installed.

News from TVC Europe, Sep 2, 2004

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Server housing allows room to grow

The ServerMax is the largest and most versatile member of the Imrak family to date, bringing even greater capability to the long-established leader in the European networking enclosures market.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Sep 1, 2004

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Drive enclosure meets Intel RAID requirements

The StorCase InfoStation 3U 14-bay SCSI Ultra320 enclosure has been thoroughly tested and certified by Intel with the popular, cluster-ready Intel SRCR42C RAID controller.

News from StorCase Technology, Aug 3, 2004

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Rack cabinets access all areas

A new range of stand-alone or "built-to-order" rack cabinets can be either floor or wall mounted.

News from Amplicon Liveline, Jul 30, 2004

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Suspension arm puts controls in the right place

The Bioniq Pendant Suspension Arm system offers operators an unrivalled level of flexibility, styling and performance.

News from ETA Enclosures (UK), Jul 26, 2004

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Showing 101-125 of 262 articles

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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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