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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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PC enclosure puts it all in front

The newest PC enclosure in the Rittal ATX range provides all access from the front, and so is ideal for applications where wall mounting provides the best or only option.

News from Rittal, Feb 28, 2006

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Cabinet door cools servers in situ

CoolAdd provides a novel approach to mid-level server cabinet cooling, which is easily retrofitted to existing cabinet installations.

News from Knurr, Feb 22, 2006

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Cabinets rack up advantages for network upgrade

When Telewest came to upgrade its network of broadband routers, load capacity, rigidity, build quality and configurability were the key requirements when selecting the cabinets for the project.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Feb 20, 2006

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Project expands rack-making capabilities

Hulasi Metals has successfully completed a major capacity expansion project.

News from Hulasi Metals, Feb 6, 2006

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Networking enclosure is made for cable management

The IMnet II is an updated version of the first enclosure to be designed specifically for the networking market, breaking away from the legacy design of the electronic rack.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Jan 11, 2006

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BBC orders racks for major refurbishment

Enclosure Solutions has won a substantial contract from the BBC to supply 36, 42 and 47U racks as part of the complete refurbishment of the flagship Broadcasting House site.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Dec 12, 2005

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Speedy service is key to data centre rack supply

When leading energy service provider E.ON UK needed to equip its new data centres with more than 130 new racks, cost was not the deciding factor.

News from Rittal, Dec 2, 2005

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AdvancedTCA platform has 16-slot backplane

Backplanes for ATCA have to meet stringent requirements for data transfer rate and signal integrity.

News from Elma Electronic UK, Nov 15, 2005

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Enclosure range answers EMC concerns

The Verak EMC range provides more than 80dB attenuation at 100MHz.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Oct 21, 2005

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Catalogue expands beyond 8000 products

The new Rittal Catalogue 31 is now available with over 1200 pages containing information on more than 8000 products available worldwide.

News from Rittal, Oct 20, 2005

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Cabinets secure five-star hosting services

To ensure "five star" quality and security for its customers' IT equipment, Redbus Interhouse has installed several hundred Knurr Miracel 19in highly secure cabinets in its London facilities.

News from Knurr, Oct 5, 2005

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Server enclosure improved to meet market needs

The load rating of the IMserv II from APW Enclosure Solutions has been increased to 900kg, and the structural rigidity of the frame has been increased by 60%.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Sep 30, 2005

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Space-saving server cluster cabinets go on show

Knurr will be a conference sponsor and seminar presenter at the forthcoming Data Centre Dynamics Conference and Expo in London, UK, on 27th and 28th October 2005.

News from Knurr, Sep 22, 2005

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Raft system puts racks on firm foundations

A novel raft system, a floor tile replacement plinth, overcomes the problem of larger racks overhanging adjacent tiles, locking them down and restricting access to the under-floor cables.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, Jul 27, 2005

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Enclosures enable frequent access

The Polydoor range of enclosures features a robust hinged door, with or without a transparent window, which makes them ideal for wall mounted equipment.

News from Rolec Enclosures, Jul 11, 2005

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Rack-mount enclosures keep their cool

A new line of 10U rack-mount enclosures have been designed to provide a cost effective platform for high power applications.

News from Hybricon Corp, Jul 7, 2005

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Rigid polyurethane creates complex enclosures

Rigid polyurethane is a versatile modern plastic capable of producing complex shapes for panels, chassis, enclosures and housings, and is economical even in low quantities.

News from Norse Precision Castings, Jun 21, 2005

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Aluminium offers economical thermal management

A change in chassis or enclosure material can solve overheating problems quickly and easily.

News from Norse Precision Castings, Jun 21, 2005

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Server racks spawn the next generation

Hulasi Metals has launched its NXT (next generation) series of 19in server racks.

News from Hulasi Metals, Jun 7, 2005

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Enclosures support next-generation networks

New IMnet cabling cabinets and IMserv server housings provide a physically secure, future-proofed environment ideal for active networking equipment.

News from APW Enclosure Solutions, May 27, 2005

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Computer housings keep removable drives secure

ATX rack mount industrial computer housings include 2 and 4U versions with lockable doors to cover the replaceable media bays for the prevention of unauthorised use.

News from Rittal, Apr 27, 2005

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Versatility is key to enclosure specification

When Transaction Network Services configured its latest hardware it looked for an enclosure supplier with products that were both attractive and versatile to ensure fast and easy installation.

News from Rittal, Apr 22, 2005

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Rugged enclosure seals in 6U systems

Comprehensive environmental protection for 6U VMEbus or CompactPCI single board computers is now available in the rugged, single-slot E118 chassis enclosures from Aitech Defense Systems.

News from Aitech Defense Systems, Apr 15, 2005

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Document system to smooth customer service

Eurobex has implemented an automated document delivery system it reckons will streamline customer service.

News from Eurobex Manufacturing, Apr 13, 2005

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EMC cabinets come in a wider range of sizes

The Schroff Eurorack HF2 cabinet is now available in an expanded range of sizes, with heights from 16 to 43U and with depths of 600 and 800mm.

News from Schroff UK, Apr 11, 2005

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Showing 76-100 of 262 articles

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Floor-standing racks, cabinets, enclosures

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