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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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ABS enclosures feature custom mouldings

The Serpac A-Series of enclosures features a four-piece design and interchangeable end panels.

News from OKW Enclosures, Feb 28, 2002

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Instrument case comes to hand

The 1599K is the latest handheld unit to be added to the established Hammond Electronics 1599 family of small instrument cases.

News from Hammond Electronics, Feb 27, 2002

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High availability from CompactPCI enclosures

A new range of powered CompactPCI enclosures has been designed specifically to meet stringent high-availability requirements where redundancy, quick accessibility and high reliability are essential.

News from Mektron Systems, Feb 11, 2002

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A case of multiple Eurocards

Rittal Electronic Systems has a new range of instrument cases to hold electronic systems based on multiple printed circuit boards.

News from Rittal, Feb 8, 2002

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All-in chassis isn't easily shocked

Wordsworth Technology has a new six-slot chassis that comes fully equipped, saving time and simplifying system configuration.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Feb 7, 2002

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Console enclosure covers 60 variations

New from Evatron Enclosures, the Flat Desk Console Enclosure offers 60 variations.

News from Evatron Enclosures, Jan 17, 2002

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2U chassis racks up improvements

The Rack-2000 advanced 2U chassis, introduced by Wordsworth Technology boasts a range of improvements.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Jan 4, 2002

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Inventronics sells off PDE subsidiary

Inventronics has sold off its wholly owned subsidiary, Pacific Design Engineering (PDE), to a group comprising PDE management and employees, effective 31st December 2001.

News from Inventronics, Dec 25, 2001

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Speedy plastic injection moulding service

Stortech Electronics can now offer a fast and custom designed plastic injection moulding service.

News from Stortech Electronics, Dec 14, 2001

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Flatpack enclosure goes up the wall

Rittal has developed its cost-effective QR wall box specifically for dynamic network applications.

News from Rittal, Dec 10, 2001

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Enclosures hit the slopes

New from Evatron Enclosures, the PP71 has a futuristic design with rounded corners and recessed sides greatly enhancing the aesthetics.

News from Evatron Enclosures, Nov 28, 2001

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Aluminium enclosures for budget EMI protection

Rolec has launched its new conTROL range of robust enclosures, suitable for all types of electrical and electronic applications.

News from OKW Enclosures, Oct 30, 2001

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PICMG 2.16 compliant development chassis

Elma Electronic UK has released its first PICMG 2.16 compliant development chassis.

News from Elma Electronic UK, Oct 26, 2001

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4U 14-slot general-purpose chassis

Wordsworth Technology includes five models in the Rack-3000 Series chassis to suit all kinds of applications.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Oct 24, 2001

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These boots are made for enclosures

The ARB011 and ARB022 from Evatron Enclosures are novel "boots" that allow OEMs to encase their enclosures with shock-absorbent silicon rubber, reducing shock on the contents.

News from Evatron Enclosures, Oct 23, 2001

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Extra sizes for plastics enclosures

Rolec's popular technoBOX enclosure is now available in three new sizes - extending the range to a total of 10 versions.

News from OKW Enclosures, Oct 23, 2001

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Development subrack allows easy access

Rittal's new CPCI Developer subrack provides a simple and inexpensive solution to test and debug CPCI front plug-in and rear-loaded I/O boards.

News from Rittal, Oct 19, 2001

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10in enclosures go up the wall in SOHO

Boss has introduced a flat-packed wall-mounted rack conforming to the new 10in standard and aimed specifically at network installers and integrators specialising in the SOHO environment.

News from Boss Enclosures, Oct 8, 2001

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Distribution enclosure goes up the wall

Schroff is now offering a 10in version of its epcase wall-mounted distribution enclosure - a low cost option providing both ease of installation and ease of use for SOHO applications.

News from Schroff UK, Sep 28, 2001

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A case for better communications

When Nextel, based in Le Rouret, France, was looking at ways to improve communication systems for motorcyclists, OKW Enclosures was on hand to provide the appropriate housing.

News from OKW Enclosures, Sep 25, 2001

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Moulded enclosures come with integral PCB mounts

New from Evatron Enclosures is a range of cost-effective enclosures the company claims are designed with the engineer in mind.

News from Evatron Enclosures, Sep 14, 2001

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Inventronics boosts N American sales team

Inventronics has appointed Jim Lysyk as its new National Sales Manager.

News from Inventronics, Sep 10, 2001

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Wheeler moves from APW to Eurocraft

Inventronics has appointed Stephen Wheeler as European Sales and Marketing Manager for its wholly owned subsidiary, Eurocraft Enclosures, located at Dudley, England.

News from Inventronics, Sep 6, 2001

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CompactPCI chassis are produced to order

Elma UK has launched a turnkey CompactPCI chassis service to cut delivery times and costs on complete cPCI systems.

News from Elma Electronic UK, Aug 29, 2001

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Workstation seals in industrial computing

Featuring a 15in high-brightness TFT LCD panel, the 19in rack mountable WS-855 industrial workstation from Wordsworth Technology is designed to meet NEMA 4 or IP 65 requirements.

News from Wordsworth Technology, Aug 21, 2001

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Showing 301-325 of 361 articles

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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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  • Hammond introduces die-cast enclosures

    Hammond Electronics has introduced a range of die-cast enclosures for use in situations where impact protection and environmental sealing are primary requirements.
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