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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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Rugged chassis is ready for PXI applications

The PXI-1025 MegaPAC chassis is designed for the most demanding mobile test, measurement, instrumentation and communications applications.

News from Dolch Computer Systems (UK), Nov 12, 2003

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Brochure assists enclosure selection

A new publication is available to help engineers to quickly decide on which enclosure is suitable for their application.

News from Phoenix Electronics Distribution, Nov 10, 2003

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Custom front panels - at the double

Front Panel Express is a new front panel customisation service delivering rapid response prototypes, backed by cost-effective volume capability.

News from Elma Electronic UK, Oct 3, 2003

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Enclosures off the shelf and to order

Phoenix Electronics Distribution has been appointed by Fibox as a product specialist to stock, engineer and distribute its enclosure products.

News from Phoenix Electronics Distribution, Sep 29, 2003

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Box drives networking gear up the wall

Rittal reckons its new Wall Box is the ideal solution for practical accommodation of active and passive networking equipment.

News from Rittal, Sep 17, 2003

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AdvancedTCA on the shelf

Rittal has introduced the first of a range of 13U AdvancedTCA (ATCA) shelves designed to comply with the PICMG 3.0 specification and aimed at next generation telecommunications systems.

News from Rittal, Aug 26, 2003

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1U chassis range stars in e-learning application

Aicsys, has released a line of 1U chassis that are not only cost effective but also extremely flexible.

News from Aicsys, Aug 1, 2003

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Rack takes systems approach to power and cooling

The PSR power system rack is a complete tailored solution to deal with the increasing demands made on enclosure systems.

News from Rittal, Jul 30, 2003

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The art of enclosure

The novel design of the ergonomically shaped Art Case features a bayonet case locking system that is invisible from the outside so as not to spoil the lines of the enclosures.

News from OKW Enclosures, Jul 21, 2003

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High-density cPCI racks have DC power supplies

Rittal Electronic Systems has added a range of DC-powered high-density CompactPCI solutions to its popular AC models.

News from Rittal, Jun 24, 2003

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More options for aluminium case range

Rolec has extended its popular Alucase range of IP66 die-cast enclosures - the newest concept in the marketplace.

News from Rolec Enclosures, Jun 23, 2003

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More size options for instrument cases

Three further sizes join the 1455 family of extruded aluminium instrument cases.

News from Hammond Electronics, Jun 12, 2003

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Economical pricing for plastic panels

A wide variety of flat plastic components can be manufactured at low cost at Custom Design Technologies' computer controlled production facilities based in Oxfordshire.

News from Custom Design Technologies, Jun 9, 2003

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Chassis aims at industrial digital video recording

The WMC-402M Hawkeye is a rugged industrial chassis originally designed and developed as a platform for industrial DVR systems.

News from Aicsys, Jun 6, 2003

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Subracks pass German rail approvals

The Type 12 off-the-shelf subrack family has recently passed the demanding BN411002 and BN411003 mechanical and environmental tests of the Federal German Railway.

News from Elma Electronic UK, Jun 5, 2003

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Low-profile enclosures integrate sinking

A new range of low-profile extruded aluminium enclosures has been introduced by Lawtronics.

News from Lawtronics, May 30, 2003

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PXI chassis provides easy instrumentation

The latest instrumentation chassis range from Adlink includes both PXI and CompactPCI products, and provides a typically versatile, practical and economical solution.

News from Adept Scientific, May 28, 2003

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Compact ruggedised chassis hits the road

The WMC-403 is a six-slot wall- or bench-mount ruggedised industrial chassis.

News from Aicsys, May 22, 2003

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Boot protects drives in embedded systems

The Parvus IDE Drive Boot is a novel solution that enhances the reliability and durability of data storage for 2.5in ATA spinning media hard drives used in PC/104 embedded computer systems.

News from Parvus Corp, May 21, 2003

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Rugged chassis takes motherboard and four I/Os

The WMC-402M is a ruggedised industrial chassis ideally suited for industrial DVR applications.

News from Aicsys, May 9, 2003

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CompactPCI enclosures minimise downtime

A new range of CompactPCI enclosures offer high quality and versatility and meet high-availability requirements where redundant operation, quick accessibility and high reliability are essential.

News from Mektron Systems, May 9, 2003

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PXI mainframe offers eight slots

A novel portable eight-slot PXI mainframe from Pickering Interfaces features an industry-standard eight-slot PXI/cPCI backplane integrated into a 3U cardcage.

News from Pickering Interfaces, May 6, 2003

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Enclosures protect embedded PCs from shocks

Parvus describes its DuraChassis line of extruded aluminium PC/104 enclosures as the most ruggedised and simple-to-use PC/104 chassis available today commercially off the shelf.

News from Parvus Corp, Apr 29, 2003

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Card cages and subrack chassis made to order

Custom made card cages and subrack chassis from Equipto Electronics guarantee an exact fit while meeting nearly any board standard.

News from Equipto Electronics Corp, Apr 4, 2003

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SBC enclosure provides instant system solution

Arcom has introduced a rugged industrial compact enclosure for its high performance Intel Socket 370 Olympus single board computer.

News from Arcom, Mar 27, 2003

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Showing 226-250 of 361 articles

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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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  • Hammond introduces die-cast enclosures

    Hammond Electronics has introduced a range of die-cast enclosures for use in situations where impact protection and environmental sealing are primary requirements.
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