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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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Enclosure colour range expanded

1553 units can be used for hand-held instruments, remote controllers, flying lead machine controllers test and measurement equipment.

News from Hammond Electronics, Aug 30, 2007

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Chassis tolerates vibration and shocks

The PC104p chassis is based on an extruded aluminium outer housing with machined end caps.

News from Dynamic Engineering, Aug 24, 2007

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Enclosures handle railway applications

Chassis Plans is providing a semi-custom 4U enclosure designed with shock isolation for an operating vibration specification of 5 to 500Hz at 1G and 10G of operational shock.

News from Chassis Plans, Aug 20, 2007

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Server provides compact processing power

The Sight Systems Mini ITX OctoBlade Server contains eight Intel Core2 Duo processors in a 500mm deep 4U modular system.

News from Sight Systems, Aug 17, 2007

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Rugged chassis to protect subway systems

Public address and controller systems to use chassis with enhanced air input filtration and drive mount ruggedisation, to meet the harsh environments encountered in the New York City subway.

News from Chassis Plans, Aug 16, 2007

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A suitable case for protection

Originally designed for the demanding world of Formula One motor racing, the Q-Case range is now targeted at the general instrumentation market.

News from Quentor, Aug 10, 2007

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A case for the rack and the desktop

Stylish and versatile 19in aluminium rack cases are suitable for T and M devices, audio and video systems and networking and communications equipment.

News from OKW Enclosures, Jul 26, 2007

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Rack-mount chassis claims user-friendly edge

Industrial-grade 19in 4U rack-mount chassis is aimed at system integrators and OEMs, and has been designed to ease operation and service in the field

News from Portwell Technology, Jul 17, 2007

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Liquid-cooled chassis raises thermal efficiency

Dual-wall liquid-cooled design provides ATR chassis with a thermal budget of up to 1500W, enabling the latest boards to run well within their operating temperature envelope.

News from Elma-Mektron, Jul 16, 2007

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AdvancedTCA systems host horizontal development

Compact two- to five-slot desktop and rack-mount AdvancedTCA systems allow modules to be mounted horizontally.

News from Schroff UK, Jul 10, 2007

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A case of adaptability answers many demands

Small plastic instrument cases have the versatility to handle a wide variety of OEM, consumer electronics, electrical and instrumentation applications.

News from Vero Technologies, Jun 4, 2007

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Rugged enclosures protect COTS assemblies

Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions now provides rugged electronic packaging services for commercial off-the-shelf products.

News from Carlo Gavazzi, May 25, 2007

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Packaging addresses emerging specifications

Brochure outlines electronics packaging solutions for systems based on the emerging AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA specifications.

News from Schroff UK, May 22, 2007

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Case is cool home for small server designs

ATX midi tower case is CEB server board compatible for the entry-level server market.

News from ENLight UK, Apr 18, 2007

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Systems case has RFI shielding

A new version of the existing Propac systems case has good RFI shielding to protect sensitive electronics and includes four ventilation grills in the base plate for effective thermal management.

News from Schroff UK, Apr 13, 2007

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Chassis is cost-effective for network appliances

A new five-slot AdvancedTCA chassis with shelf manager offers a high performance/price ratio for network appliances.

News from Adlink Technology, Apr 12, 2007

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ATX tower case deals with interference

The latest ATX tower case from ENlight UK comes in black and grey and features U-seam construction for secure EMI shielding.

News from ENLight UK, Apr 12, 2007

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Chassis houses half-size cards

A 1U rackmount industrial chassis designed for use with half-size industrial cards provides a 5.25in bay for a slim CD-ROM drive, a 3.5in bay for a slim FDD, and two internal 3.5in drive bays.

News from Adlink Technology, Mar 28, 2007

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Conference focuses on ATCA, MicroTCA and AMC

The Evolving Architecture Standards Conference will include a variety of technical papers, a keynote address from PICMG, a table-top exhibition, hands-on workshops and a panel discussion.

News from Schroff UK, Mar 28, 2007

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Slimline box hosts ECX-based systems

Slimline bare-bone system supports ECX800 ECX form-factor single board computers with Intel Core2 Duo processors up to 2GHz.

News from IBase Technology, Mar 23, 2007

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Aluminium enclosures drive electronics up the wall

The stylish and robust Datamet range of aluminium enclosures is designed for indoor wall-mounted applications such as control units, measurement systems and medical equipment.

News from OKW Enclosures, Mar 19, 2007

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Subracks meet MicroTCA specifications

Subracks are specifically designed for applications based on the rapidly emerging MicroTCA specification.

News from Schroff UK, Mar 19, 2007

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Enclosure design software is improved

Protocase has updated its free enclosure design software.

News from Protocase, Mar 12, 2007

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Open and shut case for control visibility

Enclosure range adds two new models with hinged transparent lids that are ideal for wall or machine mounted applications where the controls and displays need to be clearly seen.

News from OKW Enclosures, Mar 9, 2007

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Six-slot ATCA shelf hosts test and development

Two new versions of a 5U ATCA shelf feature six horizontal slots at the front.

News from Rittal, Mar 5, 2007

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Showing 76-100 of 361 articles

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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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    Hammond Electronics has introduced a range of die-cast enclosures for use in situations where impact protection and environmental sealing are primary requirements.
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